Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lina Joy can go fly kite

I'm not good at words, but still, I want to have a say in Lina Joy case. I read a post in a blog and I realized it speak my heart out loud.


Greetings to all!

Let me make it clear that I was not rooting for Lina Joy being forced to retain her status as a Muslim when we all know clearly that she is an Apostate and deserves to be treated as one!

I was more relieved as a Muslim that the Syariah Court (with all it’s diluted man made laws) was allowed it’s proper jurisdiction to decide and judge over this matter which is clearly one to do with affirming the status of belief or disbelief of a Muslim.

This is what I was praising God about! When we Muslims praise the Lord Almighty, that’s how we do it. We shout the Takbir -’ Allahu Akbar’ meaning ‘ Allah is the Greatest!’

You don’t expect us to sing ‘Hallelujah’ do you?

So, don’t go all crappy and worked up saying that Malaysia is intolerant of Christians, Hindu’s, Buddhists, Sikhs, whatsoever!

We have yet to go burn down a church or a temple here in this land as you folks (Non Muslims) imply or insinuate -especially those of you in the West!

Such things happened in the US Southern States when your grand daddies used to go lynch the Afro Americans @ Blacks and hanged them from the trees -even though they were Christians just like yourselves!

We may have our differences here in Malaysia about the attempts by certain quarters here who so love to interfere into the Malaysian Muslims affairs unlike us Muslims who couldn’t care less about the beliefs and practices of our fellow Malaysians who just happen to be Kaffir’s.

Now, don’t get excited about my usage about that word too. Kaffir is an Arabic word meaning ‘Disbeliever’ in Allah. The Believers are called ‘Mukmins’ or ‘Muslims’. Straight forward. No insulting terms or mislabellings.

I for one don’t give a hoot about this Azalina binti Jailani if she so wants to be a Kaffir. It’s her life ; it’s her soul.

Why should I bother about one apostate when we have millions of other people embracing Islam by the day all over the world?

Here in Malaysia, we have exemplary Muslim converts like the distinguished Datuk Hj.Mustapha Ma, President and Chairman of the Malaysian Chinese Muslims Association, Haji Ridhuan Tee, Ustaz Farid Abdullah, Brother Shah Kirit Kokulal Govindji, Ustaz Hussein Yee, Haji Kamarudin Abdullah Santanasamy, President of the Islamic Propagation Centre International (Malaysia) and so many others who are worth so much more to me as a fellow Muslim than worry about Lina Joy, who wants to apostate herself from the Mercy of God?

Lina Joy can go fly kite as far as I am concerned! We don’t need hypocrites and munafiqs in Islam , bringing God’s Faith into question and disrepute! Good riddance I say!

Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi spoke so wisely yesterday when some dumb reporter insinuated that there was political pressure exerted on the judiciary to have judged as they did?

PM Abdullah Badawi pooh poohed that idiotic statement and replied that ‘if Malaysia is truly intolerant of Christians, there will be no more Christians allowed to be here in this land!’

Those of you living outside Malaysia and have yet to set foot here in our land, please do us a favor.

Stop assuming anything about how things are over here in Malaysia and do not make up your minds just based upon one or two biased Malaysians blog postings or hearsay.

If you want to know whether we are intolerant of other faiths, then just wait for my post that will contain photos and proof of all the various establishments of faiths being allowed to operate and flourish here in this Malaysian paradise!

I am not much of a trumpet blower but I am proud to know that there do exist good natured Malaysians from all walks of life and am glad to have so many friends from all the faiths and ethnicities here in Malaysia.

Lina Joy is just one isolated case of an individual who went about her affairs in the wrong manner and screwed herself in the judicial process.

We all know that there are many cases of similar apostates who have emigrated and settled down abroad with no fanfare in the media and press.

Let’s not pretend that such cases do not exist. Malaysia is unique in the sense that the government has to assure it’s Muslim population that their affairs won’t be left to the whims and fancies of the civil court and that they will be judged according to the Syariah Courts.

The affairs of the Muslims must be justly managed by the Syariah system and the matter of the IC is just an official process.

If the authorities really want to impose the Hudud Laws on Azalina Jailani (which they won’t -for they do not really follow the Hudud laws to the letter) , then her case would be a matter of life or death.

The reality is that however , over here in Malaysia, the Syariah Laws are just limited to fines and imprisonment unlike what the real deal calls for.

So, please do not make a mountain out of a molehill and go accusing us Malaysians to be ‘intolerant’ of Christians and others.

If you do come to visit us here in Malaysia, take a drive around Petaling Jaya and count the number of churches you can see.

Don’t forget to stop by at Batu Caves and see the largest statue of the Hindu deity ‘Lord Muruga’ which towers above all the surrounding areas. Intolerance in Muslim Malaysia? Yeah…right!

Go take a tour of the Kek Lok Si Temple in Ayer Itam , Penang and see if we are really intolerant of all the pagodas and temples plus another humongous statue of the ‘Goddess of Mercy -Kuan Yin’ Taoist Chinese complex straddling the foothills of this ‘intolerant’ nation.

I mean, you guys who just know how to nitpick and zoom in onto our affairs are real hypocrites!

You just do not know how to appreciate the fairness and justice we have here in Malaysia.

We may not be perfect but ..hello!!!!…when it comes to religious harmony and tolerance, we are so much better than many other countries of the world, including those of you in the USA, UK, and the entire European countries!

Malaysia is just being misreported by the likes of the BBC and its counterparts because that’s what you guys do best! Screw truth and fair comment!

As for those of you here in Malaysia who love saying that this nation is all nuts, go take off to where you feel will lay down the red carpet for you and embrace you will so much love, it’s gonna ooze all over you!

All the best to you and have a nice day! MALAYSIA BOLEH !!!!

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tankiasu said...

My fellow countrymen, I am not accusing the govt/country of intolerant against Christians or Hindus. I am just merely against taking away an individual's right to choose her/his own faith/religion. You said

"I for one don’t give a hoot about this Azalina binti Jailani if she so wants to be a Kaffir. It’s her life ; it’s her soul."

But the court ruled that she can't change her religion legally without the consent of Syariah Court. And we know that it is practically impossible for her to get that from Syariah Court. Not only that, now she might even be charged by the Islamic court for apostasy?!

This is the issue that we are concerned about. Not about us the Christians or other non-Muslims. We are talking about the right of an individual to choose his/her own path of faith/religion.

Believe me when I tell you how grateful we are for being granted the religious freedom that we are enjoying in this beloved country of ours. But we would also like to see this privilege given to the Malays as well.

I am sorry if my posting sounds very biased and inaccurate to you. It was not my intention to offend any Muslim readers.

I would love to see all of us regardless of race, religion and wealth, getting the same privileges, opportunities, and work together to make this country a better place. Malaysia boleh!

Kucing Mafia said...

First of all, thank you for your comment. I appreciate good conversation.

Allow me to explain how much tolerant was made in this case.

According to hudud law, actual Islam law, there are 3 type of apostasies and punishment for 1.

1) Those who converted and kept secret from public, except family.

Hudud Law - they are free to continue their life.

2) Converted and make known to public via any media.

Hudud Law - given period to convert back to Islam, failed to do so, death await.

3) Converted and fight against Islam.

Hudud Law - Instant Death

So how does it sound, scary is it. And these are the law PAS trying to implement and Lina Joy - could have been RIP by now if PAS rules the country.

All we ask for her to step in syariah law, fill up form, get proper documents as a proved of apostasy, pay RM5000, take the form to JPN and get your Islam status deleted.

But no, she want to make life miserable.

Kepercayaan kepada tuhan, but kedaulatan undang-undang harus di jaga.

tankiasu said...

Yeah I heard about what the hudud law talks about the issue of apostasy. No doubt we the non-Muslims are extremely glad that PAS is not in power now, although there is alot that the current govt can do to improve this country (not only on religious issues, but economic and social as well).

But are you sure the Syariah Court will only fine her for apostasy and not jail sentence as well? From what I heard from my other Muslim friends, it is almost impossible for the Syariah Court to "approve" apostasy.

It would be great if you could let me know the chapters and verses in the Al-Quran or Hudud Law that involves apostacy, so I can check them out.

Yes just like you, I love constructive and non-offensive discussion like this. :-)

Have a good day ahead.

Kucing Mafia said...

Dear tankiasu,

After doing some googling, I think there is a flaw in my comment earlier. For apostasy type 1, converted and keep as secret, when I mentioned hudud did not punish them, I acctualy could be wrong.

In Islam, there is only 1 punishment - death. There was direct verses in Quran, but we Malaysian Muslim believe in both Quran and Hadith. Hadith is refer to our prophet words and acts.

I found this hadith

"Dari Ibnu Mas'ud ra berkata bahwa Rasulullah SAW bersabda, "Tidak halal darah seorang muslim yang bersyahadat bahwa tidak ada tuhan selain Allah dan bahwa Aku adalah utusan Allah, kecuali dengan salah satu dari tiga hal: [1] Seorang yang telah menikah namun berzina, [2] Membunuh nyawa dengan tidak hak dan [3] Orang yang meninggalkan agamanya (Islam) serta meninggalkan jamaah. (HR. Bukhari Muslim)"

In simple words, death penalty for (1) married person involved in adultery (2) taking life another person without good reason (3) Converted muslim.

Many people, even myself questioning why death penalty when we were told in Islam, people are free to follow what they belief?

From above website,

1) Non muslim are free to practise their belief, and cannot be force to join Islam.

2) However, once converted to Islam, or born as a muslim, the above right forfeited, and death await for those who converted.

I'm not quite sure about jail sentence. Normally it would be either pay or prison or both, depend on judge.

Kucing Mafia said...

I heard, different state got different punishment for syariah court. This could be true coz Sultan considered as Ketua Agama. Different state has different sultan.