Friday, June 8, 2007

How to Hijack Somebody's Girlfriend

You meet s a fantastic girl. You are enjoying a nice conversation together, only to find out halfway through that she has a boyfriend. Have you ever found yourself in this situation? This can be a frustrating situation. In fact, many men become quite discouraged with so many of the attractive, intriguing women already taken. So, you’re not alone.

You have two choices. You can either take action or let them live happily ever after. Now, before I continue let me mention that I am not suggesting you destroy a good relationship. This situation can cause someone to get hurt. So, if you meet a terrific girl with a boyfriend, try to keep it as a friendship while you date available women. This can avoid someone getting hurt, and you will be happier on the long-run.

However, if you are one of those guys that desperately want her to more than a friend, pay attention as you read below. I have provided some steps to make her leave her boyfriend and want you instead.

Step 1: Take a Closer Look at the Relationship

Now, I am not suggesting you analyze the relationship between her and her boyfriend. Rather, you must look at your situation with her. If she already considers you in the “friend category,” her boyfriend is not the issue but probably more the friendship. Women tend to hesitate dating a friend. They either do not want to ruin the friendship, or just cannot look at you other than platonically.

She may even get rid of her boyfriend at some point and still not want to cross the line of friendship and date you. To overcome this, you must transition out of the friend zone and into a guy she could date. Stop acting so much as a friend would and start acting like a potential date.

Step 2: Pretend He is Not Around

Now that you have analyzed your current relationship with her, you can move on to what you should do when you are actually with her. Or, maybe it is better phrased as what not to do when you are with her. Do not bring up the fact that she has a boyfriend. Basically, you should ignore him. Do not talk about him, but wait to see if she brings him up. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate her actual level of interest in him.

If she rarely talks about him, her true interest in his is probably low. This only makes it easier for you, as she will much easier get rid of him at some point. During this time, just keep up with your flirting skills and work on how attractive you are to her. Don’t make her boyfriend an issue if he really isn’t one.

Step 3: Do Not Criticize Him

If she does bring her boyfriend into the conversation, you will need to take a different approach. You need to turn her interests away from him and to you. Intrigue her and make her curious. Hopefully, she will begin to start to look at you as everything she is missing out on dating the other guy.

Keep in mind, though, that you should not talk negatively about him as this will only result in her defending him. The point is to keep her mind off him and on how great you are. So, if she does talk about her boyfriend, respond positively on how great he sounds. This leads us to step four.

Step 4: Go Ahead and Talk About Him

No, I am not contradicting step two above. You should ignore the fact that she has a boyfriend only when she does not bring him up. Follow her lead in that sense. However, when she does talk about him, go ahead and talk about him also. During the conversation, ask questions and emphasize what appear to be his positive traits.

There is a strategy and purpose to this. Say something like, "What a cute couple you both make. In a few years, I can see you married, with four kids and a house in the suburbs." She will then start thinking about her future and fear of losing her autonomy and independent lifestyle. She will start to think about what she could be missing out on by staying with him.

Step 5: Compare Your Boyfriend Skills

This is a two-fold step. First, tell her how terrible of a boyfriend you make. The point is to describe yourself as a guy who would never settle down and just loves life. Women like a little challenge, but you cannot leave it there, though, or she will do the same. You must explain why. Transition into conversation about how much you love life. You want to portray that, despite your poor boyfriend quality, you would be a fun boyfriend and bring a lot of excitement into the dating relationship.

By following the advice above in combination with basic dating techniques, you can turn a woman’s attention from her current boyfriend and toward you. Change yourself in her eyes from a friend to a potential date. Remember, many women are in a relationship because it is convenient. In time, she will become weary and want to be around you, that exciting and fun guy in her life. Once this occurs, she may just get rid of her boyfriend and turn all of her attention to you!

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