Friday, June 8, 2007

Cost Free and Simple Pee-pee Enlargement Techniques

Are you happy with your pee-pee, is your partner happy with it?

It's a sad-but-true fact for all too many men that their pee-pee size is smaller than they would like. There are few tricks to make their pee-pee to appear larger.

The first and easiest trick to use is to simply trim or shave your pubic hair. The pubic hair can actually hide a pee-pee' true size at first sight so trimming it back can improve its perceived appearance. Additionally, most ladies appreciate a well-groomed man, especially when they perform oral sex.

Losing those extra pounds can also make your pee-pee appear larger. Excess belly fat actually takes away precious inches of your pee-pee that become engorged by the surrounding fatty tissue. Now you can have both benefit, better look and larger pee-pee, this double-edged sword technique can effectively make your sword longer.

Finally, a long, hot shower just before sex can effectively expand the pee-pee' blood vessels and help to fill those vessels with blood. This makes the pee-pee larger and have more girth. The arousal that you will experience after the shower will also draw more blood into the pee-pee, making it appear even larger and thicker. This simple final step can prove to be an astonishingly great way to begin your foreplay.

When your pee-pee happy, you’ll be happier.