Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Flawless Way to Download Youtube Video

Downloading Youtube video is easy. Lots of website offering download service just by entering Youtube video url.


Plain download .flv format



Then come site offering video download and conversion


Recently I downloaded a program called videoget , this program basically does the same thing but it is convenience to use compare to the above sites, especially when it involved multiple files - a complete movie may consist up to 10-14 files.

However, later I came across some video files are not downloadable via any of the above methods. These are private video. Even if you are listed as 'friend' to the video owner, somehow you still not able to download these files.

Upon googling, I found a solution and posted it HERE.

Basically, I let the video buffering complete 100% and search for its cache file. Details click here.

Yet I stumble another problem. For some reason !! unknown reason !! some video files does not have cache ?? bloody hell.... it has .tmp files but not cache file which look like "AE43DCDS3" without extension.

Maybe my pc setting screw or maybe it ... i dunno.

Fear not as I found another damn good solution and it work.

I'm lazy to retype, just go here


Click on the above link. Don't copy, but just click on it. It will lead you to the exact post.