Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weight Lose Scam Revealed

Everyday we were bombarded with advertisement on various weight loss programs or products promising guarantee weight lose in shortest time possible, no pills, no exercise and al-cheapo or even free first session. But wait, that's not all we even throw money back guarantee within 30 days if you did not happy with your result, if you sign up within 30 minutes.

It can't get any better !!!! but how good are the promises? Can you lose weight or inches in 40 minutes without exercising, only put on some magic sweaty belt for 30 minutes or by rubbing some Vaseline look alike cream on your thigh?

YES, You CAN !!!
This is true, BUT there are some facts most people doesn't know, and these vendors doesn't want you to know, I bet the salesman themselves doesn't know. It will be more convincing when they are confident with their products.

The Secret is simple, understand basic FACTS about BODY WEIGHT.

WEIGHT consist of FAT, WATER, muscle tissue, and other stuff like blood, brain ....etc.

Easy way to lose weight is to puncture your blood vessel and drain out all your blood. I guarantee you'll loose a kg or 2. But do not try this at home, or even anywhere.

Remember you are not trying to lose weight but fat. There is a real difference between the two. Weight could be fat, water or even muscle tissue, whereas fat is fat. The loss of weight through excess sweating as experienced in the sauna/steam room is not fat but water. Such weight returns immediately you consume fluid. Consequently if you lose say two and a half pounds in a session in the steam bath you will replace it with approximately the next two pints of water drunk (one pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter). However and obviously more worrying is that if the fluid loss is replaced by a high calorie drink you may end up gaining fats because of your weight loss attempt.

If you understand the above paragraph you should realized by now how those people selling easy way weight lose reduction program work. Within 40 minutes, their products will actually drain out water from your body, hence showing reduction in kg / inches. Naturally your body need fluid replacement and as you drink all the kgs and inches will gain back.

When you join a weight reduction program, and paying thousand of dollars, you do lose some weight coz in the end, they will force and make sure you eat less - exercise more. Which you can DIY at home without paying a single cents.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE !! is bullshit coz your guarantee void when you lose your first kg.