Saturday, June 9, 2007

Return To Me, My Ex

Somebody read my bloody post titled How to Hijack Somebody's Girlfriend and successfully hijacked your love one?

My bad. And I'm truly sorry. You should have read my other post "20 Signs of Cheating Spouse.", at least you know it's coming and be prepare for it by reading these post Cost Free and Simple Pee-pee Enlargement Technique... or Do You Want Bigger Boobs Without Surgery Pain? and apply it which ever relevant to your gender.

Being dumped is no fun business, you experienced the anguish of a breakup, emptiness and perhaps even utter despair, you may find yourself spending endless hours trying to find a way to get your ex back.

Fear not love angel is here. To make up on you poor ladies and gentlemen, I'll teach you on how to get back you ex, no matter what.

Forget about getting advices from friends, families and co-workers, after a few weeks you will now have perhaps a dozen different “ways” to get your ex back. The problem with the vast collection you have assembled is that they are ALL WRONG!

To get your ex back you need a step by step approach that is proven to work.

There are however a few rules that should be followed if you truly want to get your ex back

1) DON'T BEG - The more you beg, the less likely it is to ever occur. People want adventures and they don't appreciate easy to get stuff. Begging is cheap !!

2) DON'T BE A JERK - Comments such as “leave me and, jump off the roof, or join the Army, or become a monk”, all make you look silly and don’t make you desirable, just a fool.

3) BE ACTIVE AND MORE HAPPENING - Take focus off your ex and get active in your community, join a club, go to church/mosque, join friends on a camping trip or start hiking with your friends.

She or he, will soon hear that you are doing just fine and will soon wonder why they broke up with you….and maybe even get a little jealous. Do this and retake charge of your relationship, whatever stage your at.


Now that you have her / him in your palm, you decide their destiny. To revive the love you have been missing OR taking sweet revenge by dumping her / him, the way they did to you.

Maybe soon I'll post on how to dump your special one. Even better, How to dump them and make them look guilty. Bookmark this blog now.