Friday, June 22, 2007

Multi Racial Ghost

Today I'm having TGIF kinda of blur blur.... While cracking my head thinking of what to blog today, I went blog surfing to some of my favourite bloggers. Everyone talking about Altantuya case. Some are still talking about Lina Joy not so joy and political issue from "bocor" here and there and recent news on food poisoning in school.

No 1 blog material always about bumi and non bumi discrimations. Malay hentam'ing Chinese for being ungrateful and Chinese sepak'ing Malays for being over pampered by government. And Indian - suck in the middle slowly being push out back to the estate.

Today and as usual, no racial hamtam'ing on my blog. Many people did not aware that we live in multi racial community but have any of us thought of multi racial ghost?

What happen to our soul after death? Chinese soul remain chinese, malay remain malay or is there something else non of us thought about since we are "not there yet"?

Our imagination runs wild, thus we came out with our own interpretation of what after life is all about....

MALAY GHOST : Two most famous ghost in Malay society are Pontianak (left) and Pocong (right). Pontianak is portrayed as woman in white dress with long hair and fugly face. Fancy a pretty wife like Erra Fazira? find yourself a Pontianak and stick a long nail behind her nail. She'll be yours.....

Pocong in another hand give no shit to nail. Since leg got tied up, he had to jump around to move, sometimes he got tired, this fella rolls on the ground. I bet he use lots of Breeze to clean his cloth. Kids used to love to hug those long sausage like pillow, until some bloody director decided to put Pocong on TV. I threw a way my sausage pillow for good.

Other traditional malay ghosts includes Toyol (money stealing SOB), Orang Minyak (Serial Rapist), Penanggal (bodyless ghost), Pelesit (use to posses others) and Hantu Raya (special escort for gamblers in Genting). Modern ghost includes, Hantu Susu and Hantu Tetek (breast), modern people are perverter.

CHINESE GHOST : Unlike Malay, Chinese does not have so much variaty in ghost. Traditional chinese ghost appear in their traditional wedding costume and also in traditonal General costume from Dynasty???? period. Like Pocong, they hope around a lot. Chinese ghost vision are limited, their head always look straight to if you duck below their waist, they can't see you. Also they use their sense of smell. They smell your breath... so if you stop breathing and duck, your are save.

These ghost can also be stop with a piece of yellow paper with some words by sticking on them, mostly on their forehead. For that reason these ghost always extend their hand forward so that they can choke you to death before you get to stick the magic paper on their head.

Recent influence from Korea and Japan horror movie give rise to newer generation of ghost. Powdered face figure with long hair and dress in white started to freak people out. Some has fugly face, and honestly, I think it's a ripped off from Pontianak image. Crazy director started to come out with more nonsense ghost and the weirdest of all is "wigs". Fcuk shit, wigs (rambut palsu la) is killing people !!!! I thought I see the worst when tomatoes start to kill people.

HINDU GHOST : I have trouble searching for image and info on Hindu ghost. I say what the heck, don't they have ghost? I hardly see hindu ghost movie either. Closest to thing called paranormal in hindu movie I've seen is human spirit turn into snake.

Then I notice, Malay and Chinese ghost character and appearance resemblance to the last suit they wear when we put them to rest. And hindu mostly cremated their love one after they died. So, no physical body, no ghost?

Ghost play important role in societies, they were the tool use to scared of children from doing nasty thing, like playing till night time, also help preventing couples making out in dark area.... etc. So for Hindu, since no ghost they had to create ghost. Thus, the legend of
Gopal Haldar begins......

PAKURTALA, India (AFP) - Measuring a mere 1.21 meters (four feet) and weighing a slight 24 kilograms (52 pound), Haldar -- now near to retirement age -- says he has been malnourished all his life.

"My mother was very weak. So I am. I am unable to work in the field," Halder said in an interview in the Sunderbans village of Pakurtala, about 90 kilometres (56 miles) south of the eastern Indian city of Kolkata in the Ganges River delta.

"I have hardly had the money to buy good food or visit a doctor. I have been suffering from malnutrition since my childhood.

Because of his poor health and stick-like physique, he added, neighbours had said he was "born to play a ghost".

He took to the idea and his reputation began to spread through the myriad islands that make up the Sunderbans.

"Wherever I go children call me 'Uncle Ghost' and peep at me through windows," a smiling Haldar said. "Women and children are even scared of going out at night in case they meet me."

His friend Sunil Chakraborty helps him perform on candle-lit stages in Sunderban villages yet to be reached by electricity and where people prefer to confine themselves in their homes after sundown.

He says it takes him only 10 to 15 minutes to do his makeup and transform his emaciated self into a ghost-like creature -- mainly by painting his sunken face, protruding ribs and skeletal limbs with soot.

"I see it as acting," said Haldar, adding that while he roams from village to village scaring the daylights out of people, his wife and son work in the fields.

"I have no regrets. Sometimes I enjoy it," he said of his spooky profession.

He mainly does his shows during the festive seasons and earns 40 to 50 rupees (about a dollar) a time, said his wife Malati, adding resignedly, "But he is addicted to smoking hemp and spends all his money on this habit."

Lighting up a hemp cigarette in front of his wife, Haldar acknowledged his love of the herb.

"(But) when I indulge myself in smoking hemp and playing chess, I wonder if I am a real ghost or a human being," he said philosophically.

A doctor at a local government-run hospital said Haldar had likely suffered acute malnutrition as a child which had resulted in hormonal imbalances.

Note of caution : The above info are based on what I have on my mind. Don't get offended if any of the info is different from facts or your opinions. Feel free to comment and be a nice ghost.

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anthraxxxx said...

Actually, Chinese vampires are a pure work of fiction popularized by Sammo Hung back in the 80s. They are always depicted in Qing costume because Manchus are greatly despised by the Han Chinese during the Qing Dynasty. Stereotypical at its best. And have you wonder why lurking ghosts always have to be a woman? I won't be surprised to see any modern ghost appears with a laptop, PDA, or blue tooth lol

Anyway, I enjoy reading this post.

Kucing Mafia said...

i Suck your bandwidth dry !! beware of my optical mouse !!