Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spooky Image Caught on My Photo

It was last raya, I took my family on one day trip to Gunug Jerai, in Kedah. It was 13km ride from foot of Gunug Jerai to the resort on top. It one hell scary drive as the road were very narrow and 45 degree sharp u-turn cornering. U can even witnessed few land slide, damaging water pipe and fallen tree.

I was lucky coz that day van services were off, or else imagine having these expert van driver surprise you at sharp corner. The road so narrow, I hit side bank on the way down. Nothing happen though.

Once you reach top mountain, at 1200 ft above sea level, you are half way to heaven already. The view was breathtaking and recent renovation and development, does change the place little bit.

I heard lots of spooky story there. They even close the road at seven, and only reopen it next morning. Since not many tourist during raya time, and my hometown was just 15 km away, I have no intention to stay overnight.

I took lots of photo with my new digital camera. Photos of my kid and wife.

Night time, as I re-viewing photos taken, I notice one of the photo has more than what I intent for.

This could be the first real ghostly photo taken in Malaysia. Any photo expert wish to study my photo can email me requesting for the raw photo.

It was meant only for my kid

Apparently, or possibly my kid did tell the truth about his imaginary friend

It will never be the same again