Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sssyyyyyhhhh Sissy Spiderman !!

No I wasn't talking about the famous 'gay' dancing spiderman. The above is too gay`ish too deny, I would say its the total opposite of x`treme ma`cho.ism, of what this blog all about.

I watch Spiderman 3, I enjoy watching it, in general this is one hell of a good movie. Watching it for second time from my pc, you know how, make me notice how sissy Peter Parker is..... or shall I say....... Spiderman. By the way... did u guys know Peter Parker is Spiderman?

I’m just going to list off some sissy shit plot.....
  • Holy crying Batman. I counted 7 times that Peter Parker cried. Actually 6, but the 2nd last one was so bad I counted it twice.
  • Peter Parker should not sing and dance. ’nuff said.
  • Spider-Man doesn’t use his Spidey sense at all. Open season on sneaking up behind him!
  • There was a heck of a lot of computer graphics. It’s not really that they were bad, just so many of them.
  • Mary Jane really needs a punch in the face. She gives girlfriends a bad name.
  • The pacing on this movie was so bad. I like story, I don’t mind some “chick flick” type stuff… but there was so long between action moments that this movie really felt like a drag for 2h30m. I liked the final fight.
  • Mary Jane really needs a punch in the face… oh I said that already. Punch her again.
  • Superheroes should only cry when kicked in the balls.

3 opinion, wanna say something?:

Gallivanter said...

Yup, Peter Parker has been turned into a wuss, it won't be long before the Village People come calling.

Spider sense? You mean against Venom? Or in general?

Agree - Mary Jane needs a punch, and then replace Kirsten Dunst!

It is a drag, I thought the final fight was gimpy and riddled with cheesiness. The ending felt like a hindi movie. Hahahaha!

Satkuru said...

hehehe, your sissy shit plot was hilarious. i too hate mary jane, i think a different actress would have done the job alot better

Kucing Mafia said...


I remember Spiderman shoud have spider sense - those flashing thingy when crime happen. Our friend on screen apparently need police radio to 'sense' crimein action. What a joke !


Any actress other than Kirsten Dune would be good enuff. Someone kill her please... fugly set of teeth she has.

Sorry guys took longer to update your comments - modem fried on Friday - God must be really angry with me. Whole weekend was the darkest days in my life - without internet.