Monday, June 11, 2007

Bill Gates Sudah Lupa.....

Bill Gates sudah lupa mau upgrade their Add Font Browsing Format. Ordinary Dick, Tom and Harry, would have cried looking for Desktop or even My Documents.

Apa sudah jadi?

No you are not looking at Window 3.11 browsing screen, in fact the above is Window XP Professional SP2. Tak percaya, try install a font your self.

How is VISTA?

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Anonymous a.k.a Chicken !! said...

I dont understand what you are trying to point out here...

fonts are listed in:

c: windows/fonts, not c:windows

Kucing Mafia said...

Dear Mr/Ms Anon,

What year you were born? Have you seen Windows 3.11?

Have not? no wonder u don get it. Nevermind, to long to explain... let if to seniors.

Mr Benny said...

have you seen a green monochrome display or used a DOS operating system with 5" floppy?? Have u used Wordstar or WordPerfect instead of Microsoft Words?? dont assume you are senior if you havent seen all.

just clarify whats your point in the blog...and to do so, put yourself in the reader's shoes.

-Mr Anon, 1st comment-

Kucing Mafia said...

Dear Benny,

It wasn't a good start izzit. So accept my appology for my egoistic comment earlier. What can I say, i'm running an x'treme machoism site, with a tagline of i'm always right.

Anyway, with regard to my topic, when I raise same question in tnmet.communities newsgroup, someone did give a valid reason. Apparently there are some truth in rumours that goes around saying WindowXP is a facelift of Window 3.11

Bill Gates said XP is WIn NT based. Which also true. So did bill gate really forget about addfont browsing user interface? God knows..

I remember my first time seing computer at my neighbour how, it only keyboard, monitor and CPU a size of 2 harddisk stack together. No hdd, boots from 5" floppy.

OS cannot remember, then school time 1990, we had same concept but bigger CPU, still without hdd. There was DrDOs, then PcDOS, then later PCDOS. Monitor green colour.

1994 Colour monocrome took over, played Jetfighter2 - Prince of Persia 1 and 2, i was an expert then. Both Jf2 and POP. Now got HDD.

1995 school received a batch of colour pc. Hdd was never enough, had to do what was if? doubledrive or something, which double your hdd capacity - do they still have in now?

We learned Wordstar and Word Perfect, but i think those were stupid. Having ctrl-b at start and end sentence shown on screen very confusing.

Thus own my own i use Profesional Writer ... more like today version of word processor, when i bold it, it bold, when underline, it underline.

Ahhh old day.... till today i'm still no 1 TopGun pilot... with PS2 Ace of Combat....

Benny Looi said...

apologies accepted, now that it is clarified.

I think the problem that you are trying to point out lies in the friendliness of Windows to assist users.... I would say a fully conversant user will know where and how to find their way/browse through. For a new user, without any help.. sure will be difficult.

Yeap. me too. played JF2, Prince of Persia , in 4 color, 286 platform.