Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Backup Your Precious Blog

You spend hours creating, updating, promoting, publishing, maintaining your blog, you probably not going to enjoy recreating it again. But as always, shit happen...
  • Maybe you hit the "Delete This Blog" button, and realised it just a microsecond AFTER you hit the Yes button. Too late. Now you have to wait for Blogger to restore it.

  • Maybe you just tweaked the template a little too much, and can't get it right again. Did you forgot to download your template?

  • Maybe you're plagued by the problem of the week, blog corruption / hi-jacking.

If you can, by a miracle, get Blogger to restore your blog. One solution for this need is HTTrack, which is a free and very easy product to use. Note this caution when using HTTrack. And note this additional advice - back up your templates separately.
  • Install it. You will want to close all open applications, and prepare to reboot afterwards.
  • Run it. The first time, you will have to identify your blog by URL and by Title, and identify the HTTrack Mirror Base Path. The mirroring itself is easy.
  • Setup a shortcut to the mirrored code. Now you can view your blog locally, whether or not your computer is online.
  • Whenever you make changes, rerun HTTrack. Changed blogs remirror quickly.
  • Its free and you can backup any website.

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