Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love Making The Fantastic Four Style

Different couple has different level of sexual desire. Some have it daily, some several times a week, and some once a month is enough. Some don't even bother anymore. In respect to soon to be screen on local cinema, let us take a step back and ponder which character best describe your sexual life.

Mr Fantastic, can stretch his body into incredible lengths and shapes.

Couples with Mr Fantastic sex style can be very naughty and kinky. They love to venture into into all possible sexual positions they can think of. Even better if you and your partner are part of acrobatic team.

Pro : Add spices to sex life. Best fit for youngster coz their bone structure more flexible.

Con : Risk of back injuries, long term effect, can cause osteoporosis. Drink more milk for calcium.

The Invisible Woman can render herself invisible and project powerful force fields.

Couples with Invisible Woman sex style are very pitiful. Just like choc fudge cookies, they kind of "now you see, now you don't" type of sexual relationship. Sex is very rare for them. They are just no chemistry between them, kind of powerful force field projected from each other pushing away one another. Sometime they get lucky when both force field were down.

Pro : Good for oldies, less sex mean less risk of getting heart attack or bone breaking.

The Thing possesses superhuman strength and endurance. Known for his great courage and fighting skill, yet has a heart of gold.

Couples with The Thing sex style are the luckiest of all. Their endurance level is unquestionable, the size and hardness is what everyman women dream of, and on every men wish list. Not as skillful as Mr Fantastic but with such endurance level, they would definitely master few skills.

Pro : What more to say, strength, skill, endurance, you name it.

Con : Not everyone are born with it. This only happen to ugly people. Most of the time ugly couple love are pure, like The Thing, they have a heart of gold.

The Human Torch can surround himself with flames, and fly.

Couple with Human Torch sex style are total opposite of The Thing. Their love flames with fire, hot, but just like matches, they burned out sooner than you think. Sex is short - most of time prematurely, as the fire cool off, they just fly away..... the one nite stand way....

Pro : No string attached.

Con : Ugly people can forget about this style.