Monday, June 4, 2007

Priceless Moment in "Deal or No Deal" Tonite


This is a cruel world.

New designer shirt RM300
New designer shoe RM500
Won 10 cents in national TV game show PRICELESS

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Anonymous a.k.a Chicken !! said...

HAHA! I saw that too! It was my first time watching the show because I didn't get it, and my dad was explaining how the game is played, and just when he finished explaining, we saw that he won 10 cent.

Good thing the dude is cool about it though.

Kucing Mafia said...

Dude is playing cool, deep inside !@!@!#@#@#$#$#$#$%$%^%^&^&* If I were him, i give wrong answer to the final question. If you don't realize, on final deal, before they open their winning price, they have to answer 1 very simple question. If they give wrong answer, they will end up with only 20% of the last briefcase value. Instead of winning 10 cents, I would rather go all out for 2 cents by giving wrong answer. At least you secure record for lowest winning. If no one win 1 cents value.