Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sexual Fantasy - DIY Animated "Boinking" Position on Furniture

Why do we buy furniture? To have sex on, right? For some kinky couples, Yes. Finally a furniture seller has faced up to reality and offered a web interface that lets you animate people having sex on their wares. This is shopper-centric merchandising , Tok&Stok , provides for your enjoyment three tables, three couches, a beanbag chair, and what look to be two dog beds(!).

Under the description of each item, there are five "Suggestions of use." You've got your doggy style, your 69, your reverse cowgirl, and a few other standards (and exotics) I don't recall the names of. There's a SuperSpecialBonusFeature, click on "my own style" and play with 27 variables, creating the most bizarro antigravity freakazoid borderline-non-Euclidean mf lovemonkeyness you can think off.

This give a new meaning to "Try before you buy" statement.