Monday, June 25, 2007

The Unconvenience Truth about Weather

Todays forecast, dark cloud, thunder storm, lighting, and expect heavy rain. Tomorrow, day after and day after and after, same old story. Whats up up there !!

We learned so much about water and condensation how the rain come about, what make thunder and lightning and yet we can't control it. So much we have learn, yet still much more to be learned.

Millions dollar were spend studying the sky, but have any of the geniuses ever thought that these weird weather possibly got to do with alien intervention? We have seen numerous proves that alien can manipulate our weather but yet no one ever thought of asking about it.

What I am about to reveal is very scary, stuff we have seen before but somehow we keep on "forgetting" about it. I don't blame you, today you can buy MIB Neuralizer for USD29.95 online. I was lucky to get my hand on the last set of Deneuralizer to deneuralized myself.

Try hard to remembers....

11 years ago, July 1996, big ass dark cloud covering all major cities. Kuala Lumpur people, rushing back home, trying to avoid heavy rain that normally followed after dark cloud. Cars were rush out from basement parking. None were fitted with submarine accessories yet.

While people expect bad news, yet it gotten horrible. Dark cloud turn firely red, it turn out to be big alien mothership spawning hundreds of little junior spaceship pouring down laser beam like heavy rain. None of Malaysia super Sukhoi were shoot down, coz they never leave runway. Apparently our pilots are still going for L classes. We were using our Nuri heli to relocate all VIPs, turn out MIA in Genting.

Fortunately, here come Amedika to the rescue. Some black ass pilot decided to play playstation sim with an alien spaceship. With the help of some genius dude, who manage to figure out how the spaceship fly, after tens of super scientists failed to do so for decades.

Both of them flew to gramma ship and manage to hook up to alien server via seriel port that fit our standard port, and upload DOS attack to an unknown alien computer system language. God bless Amedika.

Then 2 years ago, 2005, weather turn haywire. Super mega storm with super lightning shooting earth like an angry God. Tornadoes everywhere.

Apparently the lighting were use to kick start alien generator kept for hundred of years below earth surface, for future invasion. Alien tripod rose up on surface and start shooting at people. Many run away and died. But some people run toward the alien tripod miss took it as Apple latest Ipod on sales. They died to.

Since 1996 invasion, earthling have yet ready to new invasion. Amadika still in bad shape after 1996 alien attack, they were still shock from 9/11 attack. Kapitan Amadika can't do much with this tripod. For once Amadika hopeless in saving the world.

Yet, our worst enemy turn out to be our rescuer this time around. Bird Flu known as avian influenza, previously killed hundred people and million of chicken and birds. This time, the same virus released as bird poo gave alien instant death. Die alien die!!!

Se we have get rid of 2 alien nation. Is that the end of alien invasion. Did these relay strong signal to outside world that don't ever screw up with us?

No... recent thunderstorm and unstable weather lead to further investigation from the Intelligent.

From inside informers, we found out some robot alien is coming all out on us. Some alien has been living among us in disguise. Possible date of invasion is 28 June 2007. Yes 3 days more and by then you'll found out if your toaster is actually a toaster of some freaking robot relaying info to its alien boss. I've got rid of all electrical items in my house. I'm not taking any chances. None will survive, this notebook will be hacked into 4 pieces right after I publish this blog.

Some of the robot are on our side. Rumours are saying that these good alien robot are teaching our Kancil to be part of their fighter. Also known code name KANCILTRON. Apparently Gen2 was first selected but due to power window problem, they don't transform smooth enuff.

Mean time, be nice to your electronic item. Who know they might keep you alive.