Thursday, June 21, 2007

Job Ad : "Those in the Muslim faith need not apply"

First thought, shit these Metro Kajang people so daring one !!!

Relax my muslim brothers, don't jump yet, you'll get hurt for nothing.

Read on this reply from Metro Kajang.

Re: [SCK2000] Fw: Those in the Muslim faith need not apply


Thank you for your interest and effort to seek for further clarifications.

As you can see, Metro Kajang Holdings is a public listed company, we do involved in other business besides our core business as the property developer, to name few property management, property investments, trading, complex management, farming, abattoir as well as plantation. The reason why we put down that requirements is because the nature of business for this division is NON-HALAL (dealing with pig farm and pig slaughtering plant) and these positions (QA Manager, Marketing Manager & A/C Exec) will be based at out abattoir (pig slaughtering house) at Batang Berjuntai.
I hope the above has given you a clearer picture as to why candidates of Muslim faith need not to apply for those positions.


Let see ! Things could had been worst. These Metro people got no PR staff meh?? Such big holding public listed company know nothing about public relations.

They should mention the pig thing on the ad.