Saturday, May 26, 2007

Download Youtube "PRIVATE" Video

Before, I was able to download all Youtube video via Video Downloader firefox plugin or sometimes via various website like or - until today when I realised there are lot more interesting video marked private and only visible by "friend" and when I tried to download them, all the usual way does not seem to work.

Google search for solution, endup with useless solution. People keep on talking about ll those website and videodownloader or some monkeygrease script. Shit !! I need solution on "private"video !! All queries on private video downloading went unanswered...

Till I stumbled upon a blog mentioning THE HARD WAY, and I'll be damn.... it work like charm!!

Even better since it also work on where hundreds of anime movie and series available for streaming, not to mention a long list of asean tv series and movies, including thailand, japan, korea, taiwan, chinese horror movie. Even Cicakman was there !!

So here is the HARD WAY !!

1) Open the intended movie, leave it there for it to fully streamed in its player.

"Stupid is it, u might ask, why can't I just watch it there? Easy, you might want it to be on your harddisk to watch it later with your girlfriend, or like me, I let it streamed overnite and watch it next morning, being able to download it, no more risk of losing it by accidentally click X button."

2) Open search function. Refer picture

A - change modified date to "today"
B - search only in c:/documents and settings/yourusername/
C - specify sized at least 10000 kb , filter out smaller files.


on the result page
D - filename look like this
E - sort by date and time - match your stream time.

Identify file size -

10 minutes = about 20 mb
5 minutes = about 10 mb

3) Copy these files elsewhere and rename to anyname.flv

Google for flv player to play. Tonnes out there...

Ése es todo, gracias, el mirar feliz y amo sus todos.

Alles das ist, danke, glückliches Aufpassen und ich liebe Ihre alle.

C'est tout, merci, observation heureuse et j'aime vos tous.