Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Truth About Ghost

I have a friend. The kind of person who pray 5 times a day, the kind of person who you can trust every single word that come out of his mouth. He is well educated, he came from a highly credential religion school in Seremban (SMAP Labu), an IT expert and a degree holder in electrical engineering from Sheffield University.

Interesting fact about this guy is, he sees spirit. He can communicates with them and he has lots of interesting stories to share.

No he's not like Kurasaki Ichigo in Bleach or Sixth Sense Boy, he doesn't see spirit 24 hours 7 days a week. He can see them if he want to see them, by reciting certain verses from Quran. No he's not revealing which verse - for our own good.

I ask him, what is ghost? Actually there is no such thing as ghost. Ghost is just a general word for spiritual entity. Apart from living human being like us, we are actually sharing this world with other entities, which are dead people spirit and jin.

According to him, dead spirit does wander around, they are everywhere, but they never do harm to living soul. Their purpose of life ended when they died and they are just waiting for judgement day where they will be evaluated from the day they were baligh (matured) till the day they died. So rumors that dead spirit possessing and cause disturbance are nonsense.

However, Jin is different. They are like living human, except they live in a different dimension. They have the ability to possessed another human being, they can cause havoc of disturbance to our life. This is what we should have refer to as HANTU or GHOST. They can appear in any shape and most of the time, when they want to do shit, they show their ugly face. They can be your best friend and they can be your enemy. In another word, they are just like us, with extra power.

Here is latest story he share with me. Recently he was admitted to Putrajaya Hospital due to blood infection. He was in coma for 3 days. While he was in coma, one big mofo Jin trying to get into his "empty" body. He had to fight hard to reclaim his body. I ask him, how he fight - was it kung fu stype or what.... basically he just read some know verses thought by his sifu in fighting this big mofo Jin.

During the fight he get to know his enemy. Apparently this big Jin and his family live in Dataran Putrajaya area. Specifically the surrounding area where they plant the trees. Many other jins live there to. Everytime azan cited from the mosque, these jins run like hell into the lake.

Sure enough I'm not going anywhere near there during night time.

He once told me about his first encounter. It was friday night, he's preparing himself for the occasion. After Maghrib prayer, he cited the specific verse and wait. Minutes later a dead indian spirit pass by and they start talking. He died from a motorcycle accident. The spirit condition is same as the time he died. Blood all over his face. Damn scary, for 2 weeks my friend kena high fever.

I told me he can arrange for anyone to see these thing, but he won't do it. Unless he's sure that person strong enough spiritually.

Is he bullshitting me? I don't think so. Like I said, he's not the kind of person who lied. Furthermore, he learned all this from one of Dato Dr Haron Din student.