Saturday, May 26, 2007

I puncture my blood vessel

This morning I was scratching my foot and accidentally puncture one of my blood vessel. Apparently it was swollen and had small puncture from yesterday scratching. I had this bad habit of scratching things of my body, so little wound like mosquito bites would end up like scar from chicken pox.

And this morning while working on morning blog, I purposely scratch the small puncture wound and end up tearing my main vein. Blood spurt out as far as 2 feets, it doesn't hurt though.... I quickly put a pressure on it hoping the blood cloth would seal the wound as it normally does when you had blood taken with a syringe.

I'll be damn, I was wrong, the moment I took my hand off, it gushing out again, had my wife change new cloth and kinda wrap around tight hoping to slow down the blood flow. Blood all over the floor, like CSI murder scene gitu.

15 minutes later we were in clinic, and to our surprise the blood still gushing out. Doc say, long time he hasn't seen such cases. He told me, it normally happen on car accident victim. So it wasn't a normal puncture, it was torn out and need to be stitch out. Was told if bloody mary still come out have to refer to hospital and had the blood vessel sealed by burning it. Damn scary shit.

Actualy I should have buy tampon and stuck on my torn vein... ahak !! bocor lagi.