Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hantu Jangan Pandang Belakang

Available in Youtube since 2 days ago ... 9 parts ... Quick while it is still available.


This horrifying and mysterious story is about a young man named Darma (Pierre Andre) whose fiance, Rose (Intan Ladyana) had died under suspicious circumstances. Determined to find out the truth behind Rose’s death, Darma and Rose’s twin sister, Seri (also played by Intan Ladyana), embark on a with terrifying consequences. Through this quest for truth, Darma and Seri starts uncovering many disturbing mysteries surrounding Rose’s death.

Their search begins at Rose’s house where the duo finds incriminating evidence, including a strange bottle and eerie images on Rose’s digital camera.

From this point on, Darma’s life takes an ominous turn for the worse. Nothing goes well for him and his work performance slides sharply. As a result, he is forced to take a leave of absence from work. Darma uses this opportunity to seek spiritual help from his aunty, Mak Lang (Khatijah Tan).

Darma’s retreat leads to the unveiling of horrifying truth behind Rose’s death. The truth comes at a terrible price, one with each Darma and Seri can hardly come to terms with. The truth will haunt the duo for the rest of their living days. What is the story behind this chilling tale? A word of caution, Don’t Look Back because you will never know who or what you come face to face with!


I admit this is one of the scariest malay horror movie. But focusing on storyline, this movie has nothing, or at least very thin story line. It lack for vital segments before you can call it a horror movie. Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam is one movie with the best storyline ever.

The suspense and chilling effect was good. Ghost are "visible" enough but makeup too much. I hate the ghost hand job (not that hand job you pervert). The hand remind me of thai traditional dancer. It was more of witch hand than a ghost. Face makeup too much I got confuse between a ghost or ugly butt monster.

Ghost has no purpose? Apparently the ghost was looking for a new master but it doesn't explain why much kill the girl? Can't her be the new master. I don't know, thin story line.

We were shown Darma been away from God for sometime and later after getting advice from his boss, he started to be more religious kind of person. He prayed before he went to bed at 12 midnite, but somehow he set his alarm at 7.30 am. Wasn't he suppose to get up earlier for suboh prayer..... mmm... half heartedly, no wonder ghost keep coming back.

Ghost #1 : Someone need a haircut. And someone need to run !!!!!

This ghost was shown to be able to fly and walk. Why suddenly need to crawl?
Dey thambi !! you are in the wrong movie dah.... this is ain't The Ring.

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Aileen_g said...

still looks scary to me...
lol reading this at 12.00 midnight is creepy~