Monday, May 28, 2007

Hantu : Panggil Namaku 3X

Available in Youtube - Username anrra , it is private video, checkout his playlist. Be his "friend" and you get to watch this movie.

This is an old movie back in 2005. The the hell, I just watched it and it is one hella good movie.


Lara (Hayria Lontoh) a clever, shy with silly appearance girl. She lives with her grandmother, Mer (Titi Qadarsih). She always becomes the joke by her friends especially Sharon (Nita Ferlina) and Brian (Raffi Ahmad). One day, when Lara is tortured by them, there something make them all in fear. Suddenly emerge a line Rosemary Marian, panggil namaku 3x!

At the beginning, Lara doesn’t want to call the name, but the spirit of Rosemary Marian continue following her. As a result, Lara becomes braver and her appearance makes people of astonishment surrounding area. This made Sharon increasingly hates Lara. Moreover that Brian gets closer to Lara

Lara feels happy with the entrance of Rosemary Marian’s spirit, but when the spirit begin to control herself to avenge revenge, many things happen out of her desire to do.


This movie remind me of Bangku Kosong. There are few similarity, such as innocent girl, bullied by a bunch of bitches, a dead spirit possessed her and get level on the bitches, in turn dead spirit using her to get her revenge or do some unfinished business.

Nice thing bout this movie is that they using the same fx effect used in Initial D, and Matrix. Indeed if I'm not mistaken, on a scene, they actually use Initial D music as background music.

An then there's Bloody Mary concept. That's ok for me. It is like Pontianak, people came out with Sundel Bolong, Pontianak, and Kuntilanak, it's all the same but the most important is the storyline itself.

Watch it....

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