Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trick Using GOOGLE as P2P Client

I got this tip from


It is kinda long winded, just read my blog for straight forward step by step.

What happen is using the following string you get to "slip" into unsecured pc containing file you are looking for. The following string valid for these extension mp3, mp4, avi, zip, rar only.

Follow this properly.

1) Copy link location or click on CLICK ME below.


2) Bookmark it.

3) Go to bookmark property

4) Name it anything, but under keyword put "Search"

5) Done

6) Example, if you are looking for "alicia key" song, type inside address bar. Remember "address bar" where the html://bla.bla.bla........ not google bar.

Type search alicia.key
or looking for movie search spiderman.3
or mp3 song search becuase.you.love.me

7) A list of index.of site will appear. Some are spam, it is not 100% perfect but once you found the file, the download speed 5 - 10 time faster than average p2p client or even torrent.

As the matter of fact, I'm downloading spiderman 3 now :)

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