Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pocong 2

You can watch Pocong in Youtube today. Search keyword "Pocong 2" not Puchong ok. Puchong kalu you go to Google Earth instead,


Orphan sisters Maya and Andin are live together and look after each other after the death of their parents. Maya works as an assistant lecturer and Andin is a High School student. Because Maya is going to married to her fiancé, Adam, Andin decided to look for a renting room. Together with Maya, Andin finds a nice room advertised on newspaper. It’s quite a nice room Andin rent, but series of incident happens. Andin starts seeing Pocong (shrouded ghost). Nobody believes her including Maya until Andin falls into deep depression because of this. To help her sister, Maya goes to see a psychic who can help her see whatever her sister saw. After Maya able to see the ghost, Maya through what her sister has been through. Maya finally see that her sister is in great danger because of the anger spirit.

My Review

Watch it if you haven't or you'll missed one of the seven wonders in horror film. Just look at the pocong above, dare you to stare at the picture alone at night. Originally it was 800 x 600 pixel, just to get it size reduces already scare the shit of me.

Story line was good and ending also good, though a bit confusing. Somehow part of the story kind was ripped off from The Eyes series, the one where your eyes can see ghost. But somehow, that part of being able to see ghost was the most and the best part ever in this movie. In this movie you got to see lots of ghosts. Indeed, I can tell you there are more ghost character than the human.

The main actress is very pretty. But the ghost are butt ugly.

Ghost #1 : This bad ass ghost somehow not an ugly ghost.
This is the only ghost in the movie which
the makeup artist forget to actually do their job. Perhaps this guy felt he's
too macho to play butt ugly ghost. Just like me, machoness have to
maintain in any situation.

If you wonder why the movie called Pocong but this guy got to be #1 ghost??
That because the created Pocong, he wrapped his victim in white sheet before
put buried them. So if no white sheet no Pocong lah. Correct or not !! He's like
the father of all Pocong.....

Ghost #2 : Pocong. Picture refer to the top post. Pocong has been a local classic ghost even in malay community. Since I was kid - we were feed with all kind of stories about Pocong. There was even movies about Pocong. Malay in Malaysia and Indonesia actually share the same imagination when it come to ghost. We share the same though about pontianak @ kuntilanak, pocong, toyol, hantu raya, jerangkong @ jelangkong, and etc.

Ghost # ?? - Ahak .... don' t worry.... this is not a ghost. This is paranormal or dukun, helping our friend to open her third eye. Yeah.... he's uglier than Ghost #1.

This is not the main player. This ghost just a pinch of salt to the movie. Somehow it scare the shit of me. The idea of having your dead girlfriend love you so much and decided to linger around you and licking your neck for the rest of your life is not something appetizing.

Of course that guy above did not see her. His third eye closed shut, or else he'll freak out.
This is where they ripped of from The Eyes series and also The Shutter.


It a good movie to watch with your girlfriend, alone, at nite, on a couch,
with light off, and a pack of "protection glove" for your little kiddo.
But for muslim, don't !! Do it with your wife.