Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hantu Bangku Kosong

Part 1
Part 2


Bangku Kosong (Empty Chair), tells a story about a possessed girl in a high school. Once there was a high school girl named Clara who went missing, and the body never found. After the incident, no one dare to sit in the desk that Clara used to sit. They believed that Clara’s spirit still haunted the chair. Even the teachers believed it. A new teacher named Ms. Grace who just came to teach in the high school doesn’t believe in such things and ordered a student named Dinda to sit in the desk. After a while Dinda sit in Clara’s chair, strange things start to happen. Dinda felt connected to Clara and sometimes she possessed by mysterious spirit. Feel with responsibility, Ms. Grace and the students work together to solve the mystery of the empty chair.

My Review

What can I say, they have pretty chick as teacher. That is all enough for me to keep watching the whole movie. Seriously, Ms Grace is hot. Dinda, too young and innocent to be a bitch. And there were 3 school bullies kinda remind me of The Craft. The above review was cut and paste from another website. So basically I'm going to add some of the missing part to my review.

The story is all about Dinda, innocent and naive young girl, constantly being bullied by her 3 evil classmates. And there was this chair in the class was kept empty coz it was haunted. They tried to get rid of it but it somehow return back to the classroom. It was haunted by its previous owner.

New teacher, hot chick Ms Grace, not knowing the history about the chair and being skeptical to all these supernatural shits forces Dinda to sit on the Bangku Kosong (empty chair) and from there all the hoo haa boo crash boom bang started.

Let's move to the screen shot review.

Hot Teacher Ms Grace and Dinda
3 Bitches, left one kinda pretty, middle one look like that ugly bitch from the craft,
and that fatso, I still cannot remove the image of her face crapping out big ass shit in toilet.
Some spoiler here - big chances these three bitches my be the next ghosts in Bangku Kosong 2.

There are 2 ghosts in the movie.

Ghost #1 : Clara, the Hantu Bangku Kosong herself. She the good ghost, an unrest soul seek Dinda's assistant to help her soul rest in peace. While seeking Dinda's help, she return her favour by getting rid of the 3 bitches without Dinda knowing it lah.... Dinda so innocent mah, she got no heart feeling one.

Ghost #2 : This vengeful ghost is very nasty. She seek revenge and her heart rage with jealousy. Because of love triangle, she's killed Clara, her best friend and hang herself. Now that Dinda sit on Clara's empty chair, she mistook Dinda of being her old rival.
The above photo, she threatening Dinda with a sharp object, the same apparatus she used to kill Clara.

The first time Dinda sit on the empty chair, the whole classroom went havoc with Dinda doing some poltergeist shit and half the classroom went hysterical, paper flying around.
I'll be damn.... I tell you this scene was the best scene I've seen so far. Nothing came close to these scene in recent horror movie.

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Lucifer said...

LOL the ghost looks more like a sad clown to me