Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Saw Johnny Deep

Don't play play I tell you. Last week I came across one mat salleh (white) guy near Petaling Street. He was all mess up, and look so messy one. Wahlau.... like that punya mat salleh also got ho. Somehow I cannot take my eyes of him. Look familiar loh.

Then he saw me looking at him. He walk toward me. I panic already. He gave friendly smile and offer a hand shake. I pun shake shake his hand la.

Then he intro himself..... I was shocked and syiok also la. This guy is that pirate guy from carrotbean one. The man himself, Mr Johnny Deep la. Fuyooo !! I shake hand with hollywood celeb la. He's quite mess up people cannot recognized him on first glance. To control my macho I keep cool only. Don't want to look so kampung one. Later havoc satu Petaling Street , I loose my chance to be buddy buddy with no 1 lanun loh.

He told me he got problem. His wallet kena kaput already. He got no money to go back hotel and he's catching a plane at nite. I pity him, big celeb come Malaysia already kena kaput. Damn you mat ragut !! these uncivilised people should got to jail and force to ragut rumput like cow.

I feel very shame of myself loh, to show that not all malaysian hamsup one, I offer him RM20. I told him enough to take cab back to his hotel. He asked for my phone number. He said he will call me later to get my address and return back my money. In appreciation to my gesture, he told me I hit jackpot. Big money on the way soon.

Before he left, I told him to get me a role in Pirate 4. He noded his head and that was my first and probably my last encounter with big celebrity like him.

I was smiling all the way home. Though I missed my lunch (that RM20 lunch money) I knew, it was a good investment. No one at home believe my story, I don't care.... wait till I receive the "jackpot" cheque and invitation to act in Pirate of Carrotbean 4 ... who will be the biggest loser then.

He hasn't contact me yet, I'm sure he's busy promoting the new Pirate of C 3. But my waiting won't be long. Soon I'll have no time blogging anymore. I'll be goyang kaki in Carribbean.... ole.