Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Indonesia Horror Movie

Since we were feed with Korean-Taiwan-Japan horror movie, I kinda forget how good indonesian movie when it come to ghost movie. Tittles like Sundel Bolong, Pocong, Pontianak and etc still fresh in mind, even their old vcds still selling in stores.

One thing I like about them is, they actually show the ghost from beginning, unlike newest horror crap you got to see shadows and actor/est been chase by 'cameraman'. Same goes to Thai horror movie. Their ghost is scary shit - not just long hair girl with powdered face in white dress. This shit was scary in the Ring and when all movies start showing the same scrap - it wasn't scary anymore - hell i don't mind sleeping with one of those, feel like sleeping with japanese opera bitch.

Since I have stop donating money to local cinema and Pirate of Petaling Street on Black Pearl Stall, my only source of movie, beside tv's, would be my faithful Ares (p2p clients).

Ares provides me with good hollywood movies but almost none on asean movies. So I kinda lost track on asean movies. Recent encounter with free streaming services with tonnes of asean tv series and movies, also anime, had me spend hours on internet watching them until feels like want to puke already.

Go to this post to get the url for 2 greatest site on anime and asean movies

Few of the horror movie are good, like R-Point, Hauted Apartment, Ghost Train, One Missed Call (I, II, III), The Eyes (I, II, Infinity) - must watch - all three of them.

However, some are just being typical latest horror shit with shitty ending and smell like donkey ass. My advice is, read the reviews, especially review on last part (most movies broken into 3-4 parts) but watchout for spoiler - some stupid dude like to put spoiler in their review.

Go back to the topic, like I said, the site doesn't have Indonesian Movie, and very little Thailand movies, while these two countries provide good scary movie. I've been on Youtube long time and shamefully only recently I discover some good indonesian and thailand horror movies listed there. Berak Suci !! (holy crap) .... and these movies are good !! And subbed with malay or english.

I watched Pocong 2, Bangku Kosong, Pondok 13, The Commitment, Ghost of Mae Nak (continuation from the award winning Nang Nak), My Heart and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Ok... last two wasn't horror movie but at least someone died in the movie, they'll become ghost some day.

I'm trying to look for more..... and can't wait for some good one especially malay movie like Jangan Pandang Belakang.

The trick is, if you are looking for a movie always add the word "part" in your search. Example, "pocong part" "kuck hota part" doing this you'll filter out those short clip like trailer.

Have fun.