Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Freebie : Excellent Audio/Video Converter

For those like me been searching high and low for a good audio video file converter, the searching is over. Yes, give your Google a rest for a while.

I've been searching, downloading and trying various freeware, shareware and commercialware, cracked ofcourse but none gave me results I always wanted.

Yes, they called it SUPER, with the C - copyright thingy... from Erighsoft.

The best part is, it is FREE !!!

You can convert youtube FLV file, also convert into 3gp of MP4 for your mobile, also into divx or xvid format.

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Zero Horizone said...

Yes. I had been using this for quite some time and it's great. However, opening the software and converting files on older PCs will have up quite some CPU and memory. That's the only downside. Great share. :-)