Monday, September 17, 2007

The Truth About "Hantu Tindih"


Have you ever woke up middle of the night, lie helplessly in bed, sense of been aware but unable to move or speak and having your whole body paralyze. Then you start sensing eerie and chilling effect like something is watching you. Sometimes people see dark, hairy figures, or of being in a dream-like state, yet feeling fully awake.

I did ... not once ... but many many many times

Some people says "something" is pressing you down and paralysing your whole body, top to toe. You don't actually feel the pressure, but the only thing you can move could be your eye lid, and toe or your thumb. You can't speak .. you may scream in your heart but no one would hear it.

Scary is it....

Allow me to share a few of such encounter by some of my friend and me myself.

Story #1

On one occasion, me and my other college mates were filling up evening time on empty talk and jokes. Then we start talking and sharing our experiences on this "Hantu Tindih". One of us, biggest of all, start his rubbish dare by challenging the spirit to visit him.

That night he got what he wish for. He told us he fight hard ... but that what he say laa .. what actually happen ? something we never know.

Story #2

I personally have not encounter such phenomenon until I was in my early 20's. Funny enough, my first encounter when I was sleeping in a hospital, taking care of my sick brother. It was the first time I spend my night in a hospital and after all the ghostly story I heard about such place, I was not looking forward for it.

Sure enough, the one night was the first visit. Some say, once you experienced it, it will keep on coming back. True enough, in my case... it happen many times, I lost count of it but it no longer scare me like it use before.

Sometime I don't even try to wake up and just continue my sleep. All my encounters turn out without any scary object, or monster, or ghost.

Except for one particular night...... it was a hairy big monkey gorilla, not even an old hag.
Believe it or not.... it was a sexy slim naked chinese girl on top of me..... I can feel her soft skin as I touched her arms.

Just about things to get nasty suddenly ...... poooof !!! its all gone and I was like ... noooo nooo noooooo !!!


You see.... when you sleep.... you fall into sleeping mode, most of the time - you dream, then you stop dreaming and wake up. These are normal stages during your sleep time.

When you sleep, you body auto shut down and its went into paralyst mode. This act of shutting down your body mechanism actually search a very important purposes. When you fall asleep, most of the time you'll start dreaming.

Once you start dreaming, you are in REM mode. REM is "Rapid Eye Movement". This shows your are in state of dreaming. Technically your body should move according to your movement in your dream. Thanks to our auto shut down function, it forcefully paralyst our body.

The reason why in the morning you wake up on the same bed is because of this system. Some people have problem in their "stop" function, that is why some people sleep walking - thought it's rare.

Occasionally some muscle part "wake up" and perform or acting as per what you dream, like leg kicking, hand grabbing glass but you can't get hold of the glass - obviously because the glass only appear in your dream.

Sleep cycle comes in 5 stages :

  1. Light sleep, muscle activity slowing down, bit of muscle twitching.
  2. Breathing and Heart rate slow down..... muscle complete shutdown.
  3. Deep sleep begin.
  4. Very deep sleep, brain activity started.
  5. Brain wave activity increase, heart rate increase, breathing increase, REM started.
At this point where SLEEP PARALYSIS took place. When you wake up while your are still in REM state, you will experience sleep paralysis.

  • You cannot move because your muscle still in shut down mode.
  • You cannot talk because your in half sleep - half awake mode.
  • You see black figure @ hairy monster @ pretty leng lui because in REM state you tend to hallucinate
SLEEP PARALYSIS will end by itself within minute or when someone touch you.

Then, within split second, you'll stop dreaming and your body mechanism start functioning as usual. Due to long hour paralysis, your body feel little bit weak in the morning. That is why you tend to stretch your hand and leg - kind of exercise.

In some cases, when hallucinations are present, people feel that someone is in the room with them, some experience the feeling that someone or something is sitting on their chest and they feel impending death and suffocation. That has been called the “Hag Phenomena” and has been happening to people over the centuries. These things cause people much anxiety and terror, but there is no physical harm.There no physical harm done - thought most of the time you will feel scared by the experiences.

Why is this happening is this a big question mark .... some say it has to do with genetic, some says your sleeping technique, some say sleeping habit.

But I personally like to believe that you just have been touch by ........