Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Make Real Money , Moguls secret reveals.

Lots of bloggers today claim can teach you how to make money online. They claim they are making six figures from blogging income such as TextLinkAds, Nuffnang, Adverlet, PPP, and Adsense..... They all NONSENSE.....

Forget about owning the internet via JohnLanChow Agigolo....

Forget about 5xmom Make$ Money$ - Truth NO, scam

Forget about problogger tip on money making ... why bother tips when you can go for real money.

How.... ?? Read On...... Make REAL Money the MOGUL way.

(1) Property Investment

Start investing in properties with a set of MONOPOLY gameboard.

Cost : RM 20 - 30
Cash Return : UK Version £15,318 @ RM107,226.00
Non Cash Return : Land , Houses , Hotels , Businesses ... lots more.

I'm telling you, this is the most profitable business ever. With paid up capital as low as RM20, sometime even lover if you know bargain hard enough, you'll make instantly more than RM100k in cold hard cash !!! On top of that, you will get ownership to land, houses, hotel, and businesses. What the hell ! you practically owned the whole freaking town.

While some hamsup people wanna own everything to them, some people love to share their wealth with others. You may do so but be aware that you may loose everything if you are not experience enough.

But there's a catch here.... while you have million dollar of properties here, you are allowed only to drive an old race car, you are forced to take care of a stupid dog, wearing same old top hat and for some reason a cannon.

(2) Foreign Exchange

Cost = RM 10
Profit = PKR 173600

This is consider the most secured investment. You guarantee instant profit and no need to worry of losing money. Trading can be done at any forex counter, banks or online. The trick is, the more money you invest, the more profit you make. Make sure you exchange your money into different foreign currency which giving the biggest number ever. Pakistan money will be a good example. For every RM1 you'll get back Pakistan money 17,360. That's good money izzit.... no doubt I tell you.

Here is small tips to consider, one you change your RM money into Pakistan money, try not to spend it in Malaysia or Pakistan. There is this thing called INFLATION, make your money less value ... I think so... anyway... use your Pakistan money and spend in London or USA or Europe.... chewaaah, easily your Pakistan money double it worth. Cappucino in London only cost BHP1 only, Malaysia kaw kaw Starbuck must pay RM8....... and yet you still have thousands of cash to spend with. Without forex business, you'll left with only RM2 cash after that cup of coffee.

(3) Trading - Buy-Copy-Sell

Cost : RM30-40 original CD + 0.20 Cd-R
Profit : RM5 - RM0.20 = RM4.80 x 1000 copies = RM4800

RM4800 x 20 titles /month x 12 month = RM1.1 m peryear

Today, every body can do business. No need factory no need office, Buy from left hand sell on right hand, you middle person eat what they call transaction fee.

Good izzit? but unless your trading billion dollar, no way you can make handsome commission or transaction money. Practically buy and sell depend on luck.

Who need luck when you follow my business strategy. Come-come..... very simple la ah beng ... follow this concept..... BUY-COPY-SELL.

Follow me or not ? Very easy, you BUY original, make looooooots of COPIES, the get all Ah Bengs and his friend to SELL direct selling way. These product are highly in demand from neighboring countries. Here you got chances to do import export business also.

(4) Domain Re-seller

Cost : RM50

Profit : RM10,000 - RM20,000 per domain

When Akademi Fantasia or Malaysian Idol started, buy all finalist DOT COM name, hoping one of them will become the next Mawi or Siti. If you are lucky enough, lots of fanatic will offer you good price for that domain.

On the look out for new potential Hollywood talent. Their dot.com may worth a fortune in future.

(5) Publishing Business

Advertise in major newspaper "Get Rich Quick with only RM5" ask them to send you money order with empty envelope with their address on it, and stamp.

Print this particular blog page and send it back to them. End of stories.

Malaysian Population = 27,000,000
1% reply = 270,000 x RM5 = RM1,350,000 RICHER !!

(6) Printing Business

Best of all. Start printing business. Instead printing catalog, book, files, brochures, and sell it for money, why not just print out the money.

So money? print more .... as easy as that.

If you business doing well, banks might even buy money from you.

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