Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bright Sun Cause Traffic Jam

Bright Sun Cause Traffic Jam

Yes ... weird izzit? but that what happen for the last 2 days, NKVE from Shah Alam toll toward Kelana Jaya exit. It was straight road, and for some reason the sun was slightly lower than usual and it was extremely x'tra bright and located right 12 o'clock in front of us, drivers moving toward Kelana Jaya.

How does it effect us? like taking a photo, our vision blurred and cars infront becomes darker, we hardly see front car break light up when they are breaking. So everyone had to slow down and having it happen during peak hour... you imagine the rest.

Things getting better just right before Kelana Jaya exit when the road bend toward the left and Sun end up on our right side.

So ... now you know not to play play with mother nature.