Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Streamyx : Bad ISP or Stupid Users?

I heard enough ignorant people complaining, bombarding and screwing TMNET over so-called "problem" in internet services.

I have been using Telekom internet services since dial up 56k modem till today on neighbou-ring shared WIFI. Back then, I hardly had any serious problem with the line and connection, apart from occasionally slow connection, considering 56k modem, nothing much I can ask for.

I have no doubt TMNET Customer service need to brush up their skills. Maybe too much money spend on advertising, they have decided to cut cost on human resources by hiring unskilled workers.

So, what are people been complaining about? Basically 2 issues : Poor Internet and Poor Customer Service.


I'm sure anyone who called customer service line got tired of them having thru petty checklist like script reading and yet not get anywhere near solving your problem.

"Encik... give your name ...username.. bla bla bla"
"Encik ... see which light got blink, no blink...."
"Encik ... have you reset by turning your modem on off"
"Encik ... try restart your PC"
"Encik ... have you taken your bath this morning?"

WTF ... then you start cursing I have done that done this on that off this...

Don't you all realised, as the above solution may not solved your problem, but it actually does help solving 60-80% calls coming in from a newbie....

Don't you all know, more than 80% computer problem can be solved by rebooting your machines... same goes to modem and router and etc.... we IT semi expert may have known this fact but today, even untie, uncle, grandma, grandpa .... even my cat goes online....

And what happen when these newbies face problem .... who do they call... customer service.

Unlike us, they dun dare to touch restart button, afraid it may goes boooom ! on them.

So next time Customer Service people reading their script ... just act accordingly. Or brush up your own diagnostic skill.... don't reply to much on other people to clean your shit.


Is our internet service, specifically STREAMYX so bad?

I am on 1mb package, SHARED WIFI between 3-5 houses and yet I can still surf and download stuff without cursing anyone, apart from some annoying and disgusting Indah Water advertisement occasionally appearing on TV while I was eating.

I notice PJ people do complaint soo much. These sucker trying to surf internet during peak office hours, where millions of internet lazy asses surfing for porntube during working hours. It is kind a like Agloco, get paid to surf... by your company.

They complaint complaint... ofcourse it slow down, one office connection shared by tens twenty staffs .... you do the maths.

Another problem could be your own phone line. Bad phone line caused bad internet connection and drop line. Bad phone line cause by loose connection, rat having your phone cable for lunch.... monkey swinging over your phone cable... hey it happened to me in Puchong.

Enough said.

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KY said...

sometimes it's your luck i guess.

Kucing Mafia said...

Thanks for your comments

Luck is when you receive email from some billion dollar rich black ass widow whom husband died recently and got her million dollar money frozen by the government and willingly to share 20% of it if you help her to withdraw the money by sending her merely only RM3000 as processing fee.

I learn diagnosting pc errors the hard way, the only CS support I can rely on is called GOOGLE. I survived numerous near death experiences, some went to the extent of formating my harddisk. I lost a whole PC component including network card and modem fighting with mother nature called lightning.

People curses barely coz they cannot surf faster then neighboring country should pack up their pc and return back to low yatt.... or put it on lelong dot com.

clement said...

this is good.. heard this title is bought... and the tailored suit you wear when you receive, cost 10k

clement said...

sorry, the provious comment is suppose for the datuk or dato.. the loading is too slow... streamyx... fault is stupid isp.. users are not that stupid..