Friday, September 7, 2007


It was all for good intention, why not, after 50 years of Merdeka, we are damn sure not forgetting about senior National Hero like Tengku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak .... and many more of those who contributed their life and efforts to ensure we are what we are now.

It was a bright idea, to start highlighting those youth Malaysian heroes whom all these while living under the shadows of the above names. I'm not talking about Shalin Zulkifli, not even Nicole David or even the Sidek's ... yes they were / are our heroes, but as far as we have concern, they have got their fame and fortune more than enough to the point some even drown down for good coz too much $$$ were rewarded.

What we are looking for are these.....

UNFORTUNATELY while No 4 is still arguable, No 5 is a big NO NO NO !!

Why I'm against No 4 ? Simple .... first of all, the word "STUDENT" , 10 years ago, sex at teen is a taboo, thanks to urbanization "the bangsar life" , virginity at teen now is a taboo. Table has turn upside down, kids proud to have sex experience, virgins are uncool. Why must spend money and sweat promoting safe sex? what is definition safe sex? would having sex with different person but wearing condom consider safe sex? would having sex with prostitude but wearing condom is also consider safe sex. Is this what MARINA MAHATHIR are teaching. My GOD ....

Dear Marina Mahathir, I may not be a son of a / ex PM, indeed my father is a nobody and my mom is makan gaji with the government. My blog only has puny tiny reader and my english is suck. Let me tell you some fact. Be it Muslim, Buddha, Hindu, Christian, or any other religions ... none of it allow sex before marriage... and definitely none of it allows you to have sex any other than your spouse.

So answer me again, how the hell is distributing condoms and promoting adultery is an act of heroism?


Transgender ... have any one ever thought of why society against transgender? Why they were discriminated...? Instead of promoting clubs against discrimination, they should have spend their resources on improving themselves. Society discriminate them because these people live unhealthy life. Please DO NOT DENIES this coz me and many others have seen and witness with our own eyes, how they live.... and it is disgusting.

When ever society / family tries to talk and help them through counseling, they will run away, running away from reality into their fantasy world .. with other transgender - gay - lesbian ....etc