Sunday, September 23, 2007

One Big Bangladeshi Mystery

Every time I drove by this new Immigration building in Putrajaya, I always wonder... what kind of shit work these people are doing inside this building. So many bullshit came out from this extravaganza building. Forget about old issues like luxury cars used by immigration officers...

Lets look into the following idiotic statement made by idiot in immigration.

PUTRAJAYA: The Immigration Department is baffled as to how so many Bangladeshis have arrived in the country with valid work permits – but without jobs or employers waiting for them.

Most have been sent to the nearest immigration depot and are awaiting deportation.

The department believes a syndicate is bringing them into the country using legal documents.

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Let me clear this out. Immigration are the one responsible to accept, process and approve any application for employment of semi-skilled or unskilled foreign worker.

In case you have doubt about that click here to hyperlink to their incomplete and full of dead link website.

They have procedures and guidelines line up for employers ... thought the url link actually bring you no where. Yes, they have MSC status logo on their website but their website screw up so much half of the hyperlink are not working at all. That show how low is MSC status standard.

So what is it baffled them especially when they themselves confirmed these workers are legal. If the reponsible department cant figure out the problem, who would? Ministry of Work, that freaking Sami Value....

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CY said...

Clicking on the link, the first you see is "Service with a smile" taunting you by running left and right and back to left.

Um, sorry, didn't stay to check out the broken links xD