Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bleach Movie 2007 : Memories of Nobody


Movie time frame set right after Rukia's big rescue mission. Some weird looking spirits appear in Karakura town which later identified as "blanks" , soul without memory. While Ichigo and Rukia puzzled with the phenomenon, they came across Senna, an unknown Shinigami.

While Rukia went back to Soul Society for answer, Ichigo had to baby sit Senna and and later become attached to her. Ichigo made promised to protect her at any cost. At the same time, Ichigo went to get more informations with Uruhara .

While in Soul Society, a reflected image of real world can be seen from the ground. Between Soul Society world, and real world, exist a gap connecting the two world, known as "Valley of Scream". Apparently any soul get lost in the valley will be stripped of their memories and turn them into Blanks soul.

Apparently Valley of Scream expanded beyond normal.

Here is the interesting part. All the memories from Blanks, eventually joined and formed into a single being/soul known as "Memory of Rosary". Four years ago, this soul/being somehow exited to real world through a portal, since she possess shinigami abilities belong to someone who was lost in the Valley of Screams, she possessed a school girl body known as Senna.

OK ... now we know who Senna is, let us talk about the bad guys. A group of exiled Shinigami known as "Dark Ones" absorbing energy from "Blanks", with hugh supplies of "Blanks", they are almost unstoppable. They have been searching for the "Memory of Rosary" @ Senna, to complete the expansion of Valley of Scream which eventually could bring destruction to both Soul Society and real world then they fuse together. The motive .... revenge.

Eventually, Senna is trap between Soul Society and Dark Ones. While Dark Ones decided to use Senna as Weapon of Destruction, Soul Society decided to eliminate "Memory of Rosary" for good.

Of course, as usual, our great hero Kurasagi Ichigo stand between Senna and the two big boys. During the commotion Senna was captured by Dark Ones.

Soul Society decided to use their use Kido Cannon to fire at the Valley of Scream, which will stop the expansion but leave both world in great but not total destruction. Kurasagi Ichigo decided to jumped into the Valley, while Rukia trying to get reinforcement from the Soul Society.

While Ichigo already in the valley,
Rukia and Renji joined him, followed by ice cool
Hitsugaya and sexy bodylicious Matsumoto.

At time Ichigo was alone fighting the Dark Ones, he was overpowered and about to lose, Kenpachi make a grand entrance with Yachiru as usual hanging on his neck. More shinigami captains and lieutenants join the fight. Byakuya make his own grand entrance saving Rukia.

Obviously they won and went back to real world. But it doesn't end there. Apparently the fusion does not stop there. Senna, using her power and control over Blanks, sacrifice herself to stabilized the Valley of Scream and this time really save the two worlds.

There is where the sad part begins.

Remember I mentioned Senna soul existed from collective of memories formed into a being. So actually Senna soul does not exist, never exist. Senna does not know this, she always thought she actually exist and she knows where her grave is. Apparently it was the memory of one of lost soul within her.

Rukia explained, since Senna does not really exist, everyone soon will eventually forget about her.

However, after closing credit, a scene shown Ichigo stumbled upon a school girl look like Senna, and her friend did call her Senna. So .... Senna is actually a living person.... but was possessed by "Memory of Rosary" spirit.

Thus, this story titled, MEMORIES OF NOBODY.

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aiden said... story..
I c dat ur a biug fan of Bleach

Kucing Mafia said...

I'm big and I'm a Bleach fan.

So I am a big fan of Bleach. I can watch it over and over again from episode 1 till current. I'm Bleach geek.

Jessica said...

I just watched this anime Sunday morning after I heard about it. It's okay overall, the ending was sad though.

And on a side note, I tagged you ;]