Friday, September 14, 2007

Pro-Moron Gathering in Penang


Hundred of Pro-Morons gathered along the coastal area of Gurney Drive in Penang on Wednesday night to look out for free tsunamis, so that they can sell it to Sushi King.

Imagine what would happen to Penang if these moron end up swiped away and wash out to another remote unknown Island in Papua New Guinea by a huge 30 metres Tsunami. I bet Penang will be much better place to live on.

SO what does it take for one to qualify as a Pro-Moron?

As above, you are a Penang Pro-Moron members when you decided gather at the area where previous year Tsunami hit worst and killed 52 lives, so that you can be part of this year statistic.

You are Kuala Lumpur Pro-Moron members when you decided drive to work during monsoon season despite the same thing happen year after year.

You are Kepong Pro-Moron members when day after day you all been fucked up by all kind of idiotic reason spit out with sireh flavour from Sami-Value.

Malaysian Pro-Moron Advisor

Only Kepong Pro-Morons drive on old jam packed road when a nice 3 lanes elevated highway available.

Pro-Moron Headquarters. Place where all Pro-Moron elected leaders start monkeying around calling each other with stupid names. Things they do and say during the meeting will be use as a measuring guide as per how much is their moronic level.

So are you a Pro-Moron ?

By reading my blog, I, bestow upon you many honors, and a great life as Pro-Moron Bloggee.

You may kiss my

2 opinion, wanna say something?: said...

That scene at Gurney buat malu I orang Penang lah! Ish, waiting for tsunami pulak. Too bad it doesn't arrive or else like you said, we are better off without them.

JJzai said...

stupid all of them!