Friday, September 21, 2007

Bottle makes dirty water drinkable

For RM1330 (USD350) you can owned a personal and portable water processing system that safely turn "longkang" (drain) water into drinkable water at anytime. I hate to believe this but they claim you can make your own version "NEWater a.k.a ShitWater" and safely drink it.

It remove colour, smell, bacteria even viruses. Conventional filter can only filter up to 200 nanometer, viruses are on average 25 nanometer long, this bottle can filter and and slices viruses into pieces with it 15 nanometer filter.

One filter can last 6,000 liters of drinkable shit water without change.

Voted as "Best Technological Development" this invention may save millions of life worldwide. People suffering from flood and disaster no longer worried about having to drink unsafe water.

Too costly.... ? I don't think so.... 500ml mineral water cost RM1, that is RM2 for 1 liter bottle, for 6000 liter of mineral water, cost you RM12000.

In house water system coz RM1000-2000. Can you take them to camping site?

Think about our soldiers.... months in jungle....

Think about poor Singaporean .....