Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bleach Movie 2007 : Memories of Nobody


Movie time frame set right after Rukia's big rescue mission. Some weird looking spirits appear in Karakura town which later identified as "blanks" , soul without memory. While Ichigo and Rukia puzzled with the phenomenon, they came across Senna, an unknown Shinigami.

While Rukia went back to Soul Society for answer, Ichigo had to baby sit Senna and and later become attached to her. Ichigo made promised to protect her at any cost. At the same time, Ichigo went to get more informations with Uruhara .

While in Soul Society, a reflected image of real world can be seen from the ground. Between Soul Society world, and real world, exist a gap connecting the two world, known as "Valley of Scream". Apparently any soul get lost in the valley will be stripped of their memories and turn them into Blanks soul.

Apparently Valley of Scream expanded beyond normal.

Here is the interesting part. All the memories from Blanks, eventually joined and formed into a single being/soul known as "Memory of Rosary". Four years ago, this soul/being somehow exited to real world through a portal, since she possess shinigami abilities belong to someone who was lost in the Valley of Screams, she possessed a school girl body known as Senna.

OK ... now we know who Senna is, let us talk about the bad guys. A group of exiled Shinigami known as "Dark Ones" absorbing energy from "Blanks", with hugh supplies of "Blanks", they are almost unstoppable. They have been searching for the "Memory of Rosary" @ Senna, to complete the expansion of Valley of Scream which eventually could bring destruction to both Soul Society and real world then they fuse together. The motive .... revenge.

Eventually, Senna is trap between Soul Society and Dark Ones. While Dark Ones decided to use Senna as Weapon of Destruction, Soul Society decided to eliminate "Memory of Rosary" for good.

Of course, as usual, our great hero Kurasagi Ichigo stand between Senna and the two big boys. During the commotion Senna was captured by Dark Ones.

Soul Society decided to use their use Kido Cannon to fire at the Valley of Scream, which will stop the expansion but leave both world in great but not total destruction. Kurasagi Ichigo decided to jumped into the Valley, while Rukia trying to get reinforcement from the Soul Society.

While Ichigo already in the valley,
Rukia and Renji joined him, followed by ice cool
Hitsugaya and sexy bodylicious Matsumoto.

At time Ichigo was alone fighting the Dark Ones, he was overpowered and about to lose, Kenpachi make a grand entrance with Yachiru as usual hanging on his neck. More shinigami captains and lieutenants join the fight. Byakuya make his own grand entrance saving Rukia.

Obviously they won and went back to real world. But it doesn't end there. Apparently the fusion does not stop there. Senna, using her power and control over Blanks, sacrifice herself to stabilized the Valley of Scream and this time really save the two worlds.

There is where the sad part begins.

Remember I mentioned Senna soul existed from collective of memories formed into a being. So actually Senna soul does not exist, never exist. Senna does not know this, she always thought she actually exist and she knows where her grave is. Apparently it was the memory of one of lost soul within her.

Rukia explained, since Senna does not really exist, everyone soon will eventually forget about her.

However, after closing credit, a scene shown Ichigo stumbled upon a school girl look like Senna, and her friend did call her Senna. So .... Senna is actually a living person.... but was possessed by "Memory of Rosary" spirit.

Thus, this story titled, MEMORIES OF NOBODY.

Friday, September 28, 2007

PhotoHunt 77: Original


This is one very difficult theme. My mind keed on thinking KFC Original Recipe. I thought this is too obvious. Other photohunters might have thought about it, thus no more originality in it.

Thanks to Jet Li and Jackie Chan, today the whole world knew about asean martial art.

But ... how many of us know who started Kung Fu? Who was the first Teakwando master?

After 25 years of research ... I traveled high and low in quest for the answer.

My quest ended the moment I stumbled upon this evidence... all this long the answer lies within "my picture" folder.

I present to you

"The Original Kung-Pow Master"

alert almost 500kb size




Thursday, September 27, 2007

How I Divorce My Wife

Me and my wife were driving down the highway doing 55 mph. I was behind the wheel.

My wife looks at me and says, "Honey, I know we've been married for 15 years, but, I want a divorce."

I say nothing but slowly increases speed to 60 mph.

She then says, "I don't want you to try to talk me out of it, because I've been having an affair with your best friend, and he's a much better lover than you."

Again I stay quiet and just speeds up as my anger increases.

She says, "I want the house." Again I speeds up some more, and now is doing 70 mph.

She says, "I want the kids, too."

I just keeps driving faster, and faster, by then I was up to 80 mph.

She says, "I want the car, the checking account, and all the credit cards, too."

I slowly starts to veer toward a bridge overpass piling maintaining the speed, as she says, "Is there anything you want?"

I finally replied, "No, I've got everything I need."

She asks, "What's that?"

I replied ......

..... just before we hit the wall at 100 mph.....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

One Big Bangladeshi Mystery

Every time I drove by this new Immigration building in Putrajaya, I always wonder... what kind of shit work these people are doing inside this building. So many bullshit came out from this extravaganza building. Forget about old issues like luxury cars used by immigration officers...

Lets look into the following idiotic statement made by idiot in immigration.

PUTRAJAYA: The Immigration Department is baffled as to how so many Bangladeshis have arrived in the country with valid work permits – but without jobs or employers waiting for them.

Most have been sent to the nearest immigration depot and are awaiting deportation.

The department believes a syndicate is bringing them into the country using legal documents.

Read more here

Let me clear this out. Immigration are the one responsible to accept, process and approve any application for employment of semi-skilled or unskilled foreign worker.

In case you have doubt about that click here to hyperlink to their incomplete and full of dead link website.

They have procedures and guidelines line up for employers ... thought the url link actually bring you no where. Yes, they have MSC status logo on their website but their website screw up so much half of the hyperlink are not working at all. That show how low is MSC status standard.

So what is it baffled them especially when they themselves confirmed these workers are legal. If the reponsible department cant figure out the problem, who would? Ministry of Work, that freaking Sami Value....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

PDRM - Pundek Di Raja Malaysia

I always think highly of our police forces, impress with their ability to solved problem quickly especially when it involved high profile case. No doubt they are always link to bribery cases, but putting that aside, they do stand amongst the best in the world.

With Nurin case, I put high hope for our policeman to bring down the psycho beast to justice.


"Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Musa Hassan berkata polis kini sedang menyiapkan laporan kes berkenaan dan jika mendapati terdapat elemen cuai sehingga menjurus kepada penculikan Nurin Jazlin, ibu bapa mangsa boleh diambil tindakan undang-undang bawah Akta Perlindungan Kanak-kanak."


For those non malay speaking, in summary the police are filling against the parent due to their negligent in parenting.

A big WHAT THE FUCK is going on beeping on my head. Sorry for the foul language but Tan Sri Musa Hassan deserved more than just a FUCK YOU right on his face.

If public can be charged for negligence, is that mean the fucking police force and the screw up government be sued for their negligence for failing to ensure safety and peace within our neighborhood?

Just now on TV3 news, these farkers start blaming building operators and business owners for failing to install proper CCTV.

Like that screw police force. We don't need them. Install "proper" CCTV and we do owned investigation, catch them, judge them our way and chop them off into pieces and feed to the stray dog in Selayang.

Friday, September 21, 2007

PhotoHunt 76: Paper

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Money, money, money, money, money

For the love of money
People will lie, Lord, they will cheat
For the love of money
People don't care who they hurt or beat
For the love of money
A woman will sell her precious body
For a small piece of paper
It carries a lot of weight
Call it lean, mean, mean green

Money, money, money, money, money




Bottle makes dirty water drinkable

For RM1330 (USD350) you can owned a personal and portable water processing system that safely turn "longkang" (drain) water into drinkable water at anytime. I hate to believe this but they claim you can make your own version "NEWater a.k.a ShitWater" and safely drink it.

It remove colour, smell, bacteria even viruses. Conventional filter can only filter up to 200 nanometer, viruses are on average 25 nanometer long, this bottle can filter and and slices viruses into pieces with it 15 nanometer filter.

One filter can last 6,000 liters of drinkable shit water without change.

Voted as "Best Technological Development" this invention may save millions of life worldwide. People suffering from flood and disaster no longer worried about having to drink unsafe water.

Too costly.... ? I don't think so.... 500ml mineral water cost RM1, that is RM2 for 1 liter bottle, for 6000 liter of mineral water, cost you RM12000.

In house water system coz RM1000-2000. Can you take them to camping site?

Think about our soldiers.... months in jungle....

Think about poor Singaporean .....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Make Real Money , Moguls secret reveals.

Lots of bloggers today claim can teach you how to make money online. They claim they are making six figures from blogging income such as TextLinkAds, Nuffnang, Adverlet, PPP, and Adsense..... They all NONSENSE.....

Forget about owning the internet via JohnLanChow Agigolo....

Forget about 5xmom Make$ Money$ - Truth NO, scam

Forget about problogger tip on money making ... why bother tips when you can go for real money.

How.... ?? Read On...... Make REAL Money the MOGUL way.

(1) Property Investment

Start investing in properties with a set of MONOPOLY gameboard.

Cost : RM 20 - 30
Cash Return : UK Version £15,318 @ RM107,226.00
Non Cash Return : Land , Houses , Hotels , Businesses ... lots more.

I'm telling you, this is the most profitable business ever. With paid up capital as low as RM20, sometime even lover if you know bargain hard enough, you'll make instantly more than RM100k in cold hard cash !!! On top of that, you will get ownership to land, houses, hotel, and businesses. What the hell ! you practically owned the whole freaking town.

While some hamsup people wanna own everything to them, some people love to share their wealth with others. You may do so but be aware that you may loose everything if you are not experience enough.

But there's a catch here.... while you have million dollar of properties here, you are allowed only to drive an old race car, you are forced to take care of a stupid dog, wearing same old top hat and for some reason a cannon.

(2) Foreign Exchange

Cost = RM 10
Profit = PKR 173600

This is consider the most secured investment. You guarantee instant profit and no need to worry of losing money. Trading can be done at any forex counter, banks or online. The trick is, the more money you invest, the more profit you make. Make sure you exchange your money into different foreign currency which giving the biggest number ever. Pakistan money will be a good example. For every RM1 you'll get back Pakistan money 17,360. That's good money izzit.... no doubt I tell you.

Here is small tips to consider, one you change your RM money into Pakistan money, try not to spend it in Malaysia or Pakistan. There is this thing called INFLATION, make your money less value ... I think so... anyway... use your Pakistan money and spend in London or USA or Europe.... chewaaah, easily your Pakistan money double it worth. Cappucino in London only cost BHP1 only, Malaysia kaw kaw Starbuck must pay RM8....... and yet you still have thousands of cash to spend with. Without forex business, you'll left with only RM2 cash after that cup of coffee.

(3) Trading - Buy-Copy-Sell

Cost : RM30-40 original CD + 0.20 Cd-R
Profit : RM5 - RM0.20 = RM4.80 x 1000 copies = RM4800

RM4800 x 20 titles /month x 12 month = RM1.1 m peryear

Today, every body can do business. No need factory no need office, Buy from left hand sell on right hand, you middle person eat what they call transaction fee.

Good izzit? but unless your trading billion dollar, no way you can make handsome commission or transaction money. Practically buy and sell depend on luck.

Who need luck when you follow my business strategy. Come-come..... very simple la ah beng ... follow this concept..... BUY-COPY-SELL.

Follow me or not ? Very easy, you BUY original, make looooooots of COPIES, the get all Ah Bengs and his friend to SELL direct selling way. These product are highly in demand from neighboring countries. Here you got chances to do import export business also.

(4) Domain Re-seller

Cost : RM50

Profit : RM10,000 - RM20,000 per domain

When Akademi Fantasia or Malaysian Idol started, buy all finalist DOT COM name, hoping one of them will become the next Mawi or Siti. If you are lucky enough, lots of fanatic will offer you good price for that domain.

On the look out for new potential Hollywood talent. Their may worth a fortune in future.

(5) Publishing Business

Advertise in major newspaper "Get Rich Quick with only RM5" ask them to send you money order with empty envelope with their address on it, and stamp.

Print this particular blog page and send it back to them. End of stories.

Malaysian Population = 27,000,000
1% reply = 270,000 x RM5 = RM1,350,000 RICHER !!

(6) Printing Business

Best of all. Start printing business. Instead printing catalog, book, files, brochures, and sell it for money, why not just print out the money.

So money? print more .... as easy as that.

If you business doing well, banks might even buy money from you.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Truth About "Hantu Tindih"


Have you ever woke up middle of the night, lie helplessly in bed, sense of been aware but unable to move or speak and having your whole body paralyze. Then you start sensing eerie and chilling effect like something is watching you. Sometimes people see dark, hairy figures, or of being in a dream-like state, yet feeling fully awake.

I did ... not once ... but many many many times

Some people says "something" is pressing you down and paralysing your whole body, top to toe. You don't actually feel the pressure, but the only thing you can move could be your eye lid, and toe or your thumb. You can't speak .. you may scream in your heart but no one would hear it.

Scary is it....

Allow me to share a few of such encounter by some of my friend and me myself.

Story #1

On one occasion, me and my other college mates were filling up evening time on empty talk and jokes. Then we start talking and sharing our experiences on this "Hantu Tindih". One of us, biggest of all, start his rubbish dare by challenging the spirit to visit him.

That night he got what he wish for. He told us he fight hard ... but that what he say laa .. what actually happen ? something we never know.

Story #2

I personally have not encounter such phenomenon until I was in my early 20's. Funny enough, my first encounter when I was sleeping in a hospital, taking care of my sick brother. It was the first time I spend my night in a hospital and after all the ghostly story I heard about such place, I was not looking forward for it.

Sure enough, the one night was the first visit. Some say, once you experienced it, it will keep on coming back. True enough, in my case... it happen many times, I lost count of it but it no longer scare me like it use before.

Sometime I don't even try to wake up and just continue my sleep. All my encounters turn out without any scary object, or monster, or ghost.

Except for one particular night...... it was a hairy big monkey gorilla, not even an old hag.
Believe it or not.... it was a sexy slim naked chinese girl on top of me..... I can feel her soft skin as I touched her arms.

Just about things to get nasty suddenly ...... poooof !!! its all gone and I was like ... noooo nooo noooooo !!!


You see.... when you sleep.... you fall into sleeping mode, most of the time - you dream, then you stop dreaming and wake up. These are normal stages during your sleep time.

When you sleep, you body auto shut down and its went into paralyst mode. This act of shutting down your body mechanism actually search a very important purposes. When you fall asleep, most of the time you'll start dreaming.

Once you start dreaming, you are in REM mode. REM is "Rapid Eye Movement". This shows your are in state of dreaming. Technically your body should move according to your movement in your dream. Thanks to our auto shut down function, it forcefully paralyst our body.

The reason why in the morning you wake up on the same bed is because of this system. Some people have problem in their "stop" function, that is why some people sleep walking - thought it's rare.

Occasionally some muscle part "wake up" and perform or acting as per what you dream, like leg kicking, hand grabbing glass but you can't get hold of the glass - obviously because the glass only appear in your dream.

Sleep cycle comes in 5 stages :

  1. Light sleep, muscle activity slowing down, bit of muscle twitching.
  2. Breathing and Heart rate slow down..... muscle complete shutdown.
  3. Deep sleep begin.
  4. Very deep sleep, brain activity started.
  5. Brain wave activity increase, heart rate increase, breathing increase, REM started.
At this point where SLEEP PARALYSIS took place. When you wake up while your are still in REM state, you will experience sleep paralysis.

  • You cannot move because your muscle still in shut down mode.
  • You cannot talk because your in half sleep - half awake mode.
  • You see black figure @ hairy monster @ pretty leng lui because in REM state you tend to hallucinate
SLEEP PARALYSIS will end by itself within minute or when someone touch you.

Then, within split second, you'll stop dreaming and your body mechanism start functioning as usual. Due to long hour paralysis, your body feel little bit weak in the morning. That is why you tend to stretch your hand and leg - kind of exercise.

In some cases, when hallucinations are present, people feel that someone is in the room with them, some experience the feeling that someone or something is sitting on their chest and they feel impending death and suffocation. That has been called the “Hag Phenomena” and has been happening to people over the centuries. These things cause people much anxiety and terror, but there is no physical harm.There no physical harm done - thought most of the time you will feel scared by the experiences.

Why is this happening is this a big question mark .... some say it has to do with genetic, some says your sleeping technique, some say sleeping habit.

But I personally like to believe that you just have been touch by ........

Friday, September 14, 2007

PhotoHunt 75: Plastic


Those day, there was no Playstation, classic games like Atari in early 1980's only offers extremely low end graphic - I would not even call it graphic, geometric figure would be more accurate word.

in case u can't figure out the above, those are 2 tanks on a plain large green field trying to shoot each other off

Forget about 3D, it was not there yet for another 15 years. The only 3D games available is real life 3D. Yes, traditional plastic toys, spice up with some creative imaginary thought - should not be a problem for kids.

Despite kids these day falls into the dark side of

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game

I'm glad to see my 7 years old kid still have strong imagination playing plastic toys.



Pro-Moron Gathering in Penang


Hundred of Pro-Morons gathered along the coastal area of Gurney Drive in Penang on Wednesday night to look out for free tsunamis, so that they can sell it to Sushi King.

Imagine what would happen to Penang if these moron end up swiped away and wash out to another remote unknown Island in Papua New Guinea by a huge 30 metres Tsunami. I bet Penang will be much better place to live on.

SO what does it take for one to qualify as a Pro-Moron?

As above, you are a Penang Pro-Moron members when you decided gather at the area where previous year Tsunami hit worst and killed 52 lives, so that you can be part of this year statistic.

You are Kuala Lumpur Pro-Moron members when you decided drive to work during monsoon season despite the same thing happen year after year.

You are Kepong Pro-Moron members when day after day you all been fucked up by all kind of idiotic reason spit out with sireh flavour from Sami-Value.

Malaysian Pro-Moron Advisor

Only Kepong Pro-Morons drive on old jam packed road when a nice 3 lanes elevated highway available.

Pro-Moron Headquarters. Place where all Pro-Moron elected leaders start monkeying around calling each other with stupid names. Things they do and say during the meeting will be use as a measuring guide as per how much is their moronic level.

So are you a Pro-Moron ?

By reading my blog, I, bestow upon you many honors, and a great life as Pro-Moron Bloggee.

You may kiss my

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Environmental Friendly Weapon of Mass-destruction

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia has tested the world's most powerful vacuum bomb, an explosive device unleashing a destructive shockwave with the power of a nuclear weapon, the military said on Tuesday...........

............."The main destruction is inflicted by an ultrasonic shockwave and an incredibly high temperature," the report said. "All that is alive merely evaporates."

"At the same time, I want to stress that the action of this weapon does not contaminate the environment, in contrast to a nuclear one," Rukshin said.

Pheeeewww ! what a relieve for the mother nature......

read full news here

Dumb, Dumberer and Dumberest

Dumb(dum) adj. Below normal intelligence

Despite wife telling him it was a scam, this dumb ass husband still insist on getting his hand on a RM100,000 lottery money they won, for lottery ticket they never buy.

completely devoid of any shred of anything that even remotely resembles intelligence

Magically the lottery money grew from RM100,000 to RM2.4 million (some say RM24m) and the so called organizer just can't wait to pass the winning money to the dumb ass. Dumb ass becomes dumber when he end up deposited another RM1.7 million on 86 different accounts !!! and for initially RM100,000 worth of lottery money.

You think that dumb enough.... beauty part of english is, when it come to an adjective, there are always in 3 levels. Wait till you see the third level....

......insanely dumb

So lets re-cap, he "won" Rm100,000 and yet he lost all his life saving of RM700,000 and God knows where and which Untie Mei and Uncle Ah Long he got his RM1,000,000 loan money to support his luxury vacation in in Hong Kong in a posh hotel and five star restaurant in a limo.

How much dumber he can get ... u think that the dumbest thing a person could do? beeek !! you are wrong.... he admitted, that he would have deposited another "final" fee if he had enough money to do it...... and that is insanely dumb.

But wait


If such an INSANELY DUMBEREST person could save RM700,000 before reach 40.

What make us of those who are still struggling working hard 9-6 to pay car loan and house mortgage.

Maybe our hard earn honest money paid off .... some people make lots of money the easy way.... easy come easy go.... like our friend above. We may not have RM700000 in our bank account, but so long we are happy, our family happy.... thats is million dollar lottery for me.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dato' or Datuk

Dato' or Datuk?

Ever wonder, why some people got title Dato' and some Datuk? Any different? Was it a genuine typo error ? Or some simple simply hantam saja not knowing which is which?

Imagine in a formal ceremony a Datuk was spelled as Dato' ... how would it react... ? what would the VVIP thought of your company. As you may not notice, for a Datuk to be labeled as Dato', is a downgrade for him and you would not be the one responsible for it. You may lose your job.

So today learn this....

Datuk is given by Yang Di Pertuan Agong, or a ruler from which state without sultan, like Penang, Malacca, Sabah and Sarawak.

Dato' an only be conferred by a hereditary Royal ruler of one of nine Malay Sultan.

If title so important .... you can get one soon.... like one below.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

PhotoHunt 74: Music

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"Happy Birthday to you ...... "

7th year and many more....

Music #2

Pre-school Graduation Ceremony and Concert Day

It end up more like stand up comedy show ... rather than a concert :)


i'll be on leave during the weekend.... shall be back visiting your photohunt on Sunday nite.