Saturday, April 28, 2007


What else could you be asking for when the opposition himself asking you to vote for Barisan Nasional.

This must be the most idiotic moment in his life as politician .....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Low Virtual Memory

What is virtual memory? Virtual Memory is memory simulated by your hard disk when all your RAM fully used. This happen when you open many programs simultaneously or when you let any program running for long time.

I used to get low virtual memory warning message, caused by S24EvMon.exe, this is event monitor program running in the background scanning for hotspot. Having it run all the time, and I hardly shutdown notebook (only hibernate), virtual memory used build up over time.

I started to get low memory resources error messages when it hit 200k VM size for that process. Recently I found a way to increase virtual memory and now with S24EvMon using 500k and firefox using 166k, my notebook still smooths.

Having 500+ mb RAM I re-set my virtual memory max to 800k.

To find out how just Google "How To Increase Virtual Memory"

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pengundi Hantu Berdaftar


Lawak selawak-lawaknya ..... SPR really making a big fucking JOKES in Ijok.

Check out the IC No... 990518-61-0029

First of all birhdate 18 March 1999 ? What the hell - this guy is freaking 8 years old. Hell.... my son also can vote next year.

Then country code 61 - this code belong to Indonesia. Since when foreigner can decided who rulez our country?

Major Blog Upgrade

I've been interested in 3 columns blog design since day 1. Unfortunately Blogger standard templates does not offer any.

Tonite I decided to spend time and get the job done. I was using 'dark-minima' theme and I wish to keep the same - but with 3 columns. I was in luck.

Finally, after some tweaking on original source, basically adjusting column width, and had to reinstall most of the elements - presenting a new 3 columns design I always wanted.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ijok Story: I-JOKER from PKR

If you hate BN for their corruptions, corniisms, money laundering, and all kind of shit - for the same reason you should have not voted for Abdul Khalid.

For those who are blindly supporting Khalid PKR, please by all mean get to know him first - especially his background.

Do you actually think Khalid can bring good to Ijok?

Who is Khalid?

From government servant who earn honest monthly income, he turn millionaire by joining BN and became Anwar's barua during Anwar's glorious day. He make millions of ringgit by screwing up Guthrie and PNB acting like he own both giants.

He own a 3 storey castle in Bukit Damansara worth millions of dollar. He's been piggy riding Anwar's back from day one. When Anwar was expelled, he lost power and all immunities. Guthrie and PNB chased him away.

How it is time for Anwar to piggy ride Khalid - if Khalid win Ijok, Anwar stand big chances to stand out as BA leader. That explains PKR enthusiasm to put his people in Ijok.

The questions are, will Khalid served Ijok people, who will support him financially? his own pocket money? What is Khalid long term commitment to Ijok?

Rejecting BN means rejecting development for Ijok.

My Avatar

My avatar

Autopinger : Free Auto-ping your blog

Yes, for bloggers we have no choice but to manually PING to PPS if we want to be listed. Unfortunately it remain as it is for now.

However, you might be able to increase your blog traffic with Autopinger. It is free and easy to set up. It will auto ping your blog every 30 minutes and dump our post to search engines and directories.

I just tried and yet to see the result. Ho harm in trying, it is free anyway.

Easiest Way to Embed MP3

Easiest Way to Embed MP3
I've been searching for a simple code which I can embed a MP3 file without going thru mp3 player script writing or installation. Mind you - I'm not a programmer. I'm kinda copy and paste guy.

The most I can understand is HTML, above that PHP XML SQL - nah... I don't give a shit. My head jammed enough with debit credit shit.

Google gadget offered mp3 player but it doesn't play well with low quality mp3 (16 kbps - 11 mhz - mono) which is sufficient for mp3 embedding. Any higher was just a waste of loading time and bandwidth.

Well now... here it is.... download the code...... just cut and paste anywhere you like it to appear in your site. Don't forget to type in mp3 url. Not sure if it can play other sound format. Obviously you can change it size also...

Download this text file mp3player.txt

Sample how it look like...

Ratapan Anak Tiri - Soundtrack

This is one very sad song with a very sad yet irritating tv series.

The story is about 3 sibling, Marsha (9), Fika (5) and their baby brother. They were rich kids until the mother died and father imprison. 3 of them thrown out on street and taking care of each other.

Until they got separated, Fika manage to return back to his grandpa, Marsha became Jane Doe, baby brother undetectable till the end.

Shit happen everywhere, peoples are taking advantages, greed and stupidity took place.

After 33 episodes, Fika and Marsha were united, little brother remain missing. Story end.

Ratapan Anak Tiri

Pahit getir..
Hidup yang aku jalani
Berpeluh debu dan caci
Tuk sesuap nasi

Ibu pergi..
Sungguh terlalu pagi..
Tak ada yang menyayangi
Dan menjaga diri..

Sering aku menangis..
Di tengah larutnya malam..
Lelah lapar kedinginan..
Tak henti menghadap

Doakanlah kami ibuu..
Agar selalu bertahan..
Menjalani hidup ini..
Yang penuh rintangan..

Oh ibu...
Oh ibu..

IJOK become "I-JOKE" if PKR Wins

Enough is enough la. I'm no politician, not a strong BN supporter but wise enough to make good decisions.

For those bloggers who bad talk about government for not developing Ijok, take a fucking break from your pc and drive down to Ijok for once in your real life time.

No, I'm not Ijok residence but I live nearby and many times I drove by Ijok.

I have not seen Ijok since by election huu haaa, but the last time I drove by Ijok, months ago, I notice the main road has been upgraded, main junction into Ijok town was improved, new petrol station was build and Unisel - was open. Though Unisel advertised as Kuala Selangor but it is actually in between KS and Ijok.

Many shop lots opened, mostly has been there for many years and businesses are doing fine. Thought malay are majority there, but business owners are multi racial, including small stalls along the road. Chine sell fruits, malay sell goreng pisang and indian sell flowers.

Initially I thought that was it, until I drove further in I notice business blooming inside also.

Now tell me my friends, for an estate situated out of nowhere, being most developed town between Sg Buloh and Kuala Selangor, whet else could you been asking? The RM35m further so-called "buy-election" is like a blessing in disguise.

Cigarette saved life

Apa dah jadi ? What in the world is happening...... cigar saved life and tree killing people.

New campaign "Start Smoking" and "Cut Tree - preserve life"

A cigarette may have saved Brenda Comer's life Monday morning.

Around 11 a.m., Comer finished doing the dishes in the kitchen of her Westover Circle home, just off Cherry Road. She stepped outside to light up.

At that moment, an 80-foot-tall oak tree crashed through the roof, felled by the day's raging winds. The behemoth tree crashed through the roof, right across the sink where Brenda had been washing dishes.

Brenda and her husband, Franky, both 53, stood in their smashed-up home Tuesday afternoon staring at a gaping gash through their roof. The hole split the kitchen and living room of the house, now full of branches.

"I told him, 'Honey, I know you fuss at me for smoking, but today it saved my life,'" Brenda said.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Final Fantasy Hot Chicks !!

Who's your favourite chicks ?

Who's your fantasy chicks?

Me ? .... all of them.

FFX - Yuna
FFXIII - Lightning
FFXII - Ashe
FFX Advent Children - Tifa
FF Spirit Within - Aki Ross
FFXI - Online Hume Female Avatar

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Internet and Stupid Lawmaker

We have seen stupidity in our local government when they decided to make register all bloggers. Stupid lawmaker are not only in Malaysia, they are everywhere !!

Thailand banned Youtube because people make fun of their king. They banned Youtube, now tonnes of video uploaded to make fun of Thai King.

Singapore teen dealt 18 month probation at home and not allowed to access internet during the period. He barely missed out jail term. All because he's been lingering somebody's open wifi.

Utah, going to banned intentionally open Wifi.

What's next ......? banned Google?

Review : Wild Hogs

Verdict : 8/10

The movie is about 4 middle age men having mid life crisis - decided to hit open road in search of adventure until they encounter a New Mexico gang called the Del Fuegos - the bad ugly dusk to dawn type bikers.

From the beginning to the end - it was damn hilarious. Straight and plain jokes - with appearance of John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox of Scrub) as gay highway patrol.

SPOILER ALERT !! try not to spoil to much....

Funniest moment....

1) Bird on travolta
2) Last scene, surf board / canoe incident
3) Honey, I blew up the bar !!
4) Sexy karaoke singer

My verdict 8/10, worth the money spend .... err or the bandwidth, if you know what I mean.

The drawback was the ending. So simple... just like that. Damn.

I would have given 10/10 if the ending wasn't so simple. I would have imagine the gay highway patrol came to rescue with his other gay members.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wakil Rakyat in Danger !!

Wakil Rakyat be alert : Your are now in tremendous freaking shit danger !!

People living in rural area should have realized by now, their kampung will remain forever undeveloped even after many decades under Barisan National or Barisan Alternative.

Does not matter what ever these politicians promised you during main election, it took forever for them to materialized it.

After Batu Talam - Machap and now Ijok, kampung people should have now realized their only hope for development and life improvement is by 'by-election'.

For this to happen, existing wakil rakyat either voluntarily step down and RIP - Rest In Peace. Not many place as lucky as Batu Talam -Machap and Ijok.

So all pakcik and makcik, uncle and untie, atok and nenek, if you are reading this and really hamsap for development and promises which never come fulfilled by those blood sucking politicians, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.....

As for Wakil Rakyat - it is time to get your lazy ass and start planning for all those promises you spitted out during election. Don't want to wait till the same people voted for you to put bullet in your forehead.

Review : Final Fantasy XII

My first completed Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy X. I thought that was a freaking good game .... until I started playing FF XII...

Final Fantasy XII is a massive, multi-character adventure with the darkest and most mature storyline the FF series has yet seen.

Behind left to right;

Larsa - He's younger brother to Vayne (Bad-ass Final Boss). Non playable character but he join the good guy party as Guest. He carries tonnes of Hi-Potion for your party. Yes.. he's the good guy from the darkside.

Ashe - One sexy princess I wish to take home. Not my main player.

Basch - Captain of a fallen kingdom. One of my main player. I put him no 3 in rank and priority list.

Balthier - His malay name is Bakhtiar. Ok... be serious, he's a sky pirate, accompanied by Fran. I love this guy - he has personality and his voice ... very gentleman. I developed him into my second man.

Fran - I think this girl is cross-breed between human and rabbit. My theory is some Kupo had to much drink and start screwing up female hume (word for human). By the way, kupo is somekind of species look like rabbit.

This is a kupo.

Front Left to Right

Vaan - Main character, an orphan, young adventurer and obsess sky-pirate wanna be. My no 1 character.

Penelo - Vaan's friends, or girlfriend maybe. Very irrelevant, unimportant. Ashe way hotter than Penelo despite her being name like Penalope Cruz.

Story Line 9/10 - less 1 point coz Yuna way hotter than Ashe

About 2 nations, Dalmasca Nation taken over by bad guy Archadian Empire. Adventure begin when Vaan met Balthier and Fran, than the queen, the bad guy, politics, power, monsters, and magical worlds.

This time, you have the whole world to explore, from desert, blizzard, sunshine coast, mystical forest until the most confusing great crystal.

Character Development 10/10

Some say character there's a flaw in character development. Vaan suppose to be main character but in the actual storyline, Balthier is the one. Indeed Balthier play leading role in the adventure and Lady Ashe play as very important character - as Queen of Dalmasca.

I also thought the same, until I read this in wikipedia.

"The story is told through the eyes of Vaan, an orphan who wishes to be a sky pirate - high flying tomb raiders."

In another words, typical RPG game let you play as first person view, now you are playing as 3rd person view. Which I think is clever because you can now concentrate on the main character and the storyline rather than the person you are role-playing as.

Battle System 10/10

New battle system is awesome - period. No longer have wasted few second for scattered screen. Real time battle and gambit system. Get you party to high level, equip with proper Gambit and have all spell in hand - you can battle without touching your controller - Gambit rulez.

New battle system more realistic - no more taking turn. Curing has never been fun like now.

Gameplay 9/10

Great, finish 2/3 of game without looking at guideline. Of course toward the end have to.

My Status

Vaan Level 73 - Excalibur (Attack 128) with Holy Damage
Balthier Level 65 - Golden Axe (Attack 110)
Basch Level 65 - Ragnarok (Attack 109) with Immobilize
Others - low level

Completed storyline - beaten final boss
Completed 43 hunts
Few side quest

108 game hours

Friday, April 20, 2007

Story about my evil CAT

I have a cat, we call him CAT. This is one heck of special cat. We adopted his mother when she was a kitten. She gave birth to 3 kittens, one died hours later. A big ugly wild local black cat was the father.

Mother left home for good last year leaving CAT and his sister home. Sister was one hot chick.... err... pussycat doll. She left home after gave birth to 2 young kittens. One was kidnapped by freaking gay neighbor and one died weeks later.

Losing a mother, sister, and 2 nieces was too much for CAT. His father keep harassing him and fighting for territories and foods.

He look depressed - like one in picture above. Thing getting worst after one scary incident. He was almost ran over by a 4x4, as I slowly drive into my porch. I felt like driving over a pillow and quickly stop my car as I heard cracking sound. I reversed back few step and to my horror I saw CAT ran into the bushes like a cripple cat.

I was so sure I will loose him. To my surprise he survive the night. He does look like one crazy cat, he can't walk properly, for weeks but he seem recovering himself. Now he's fully cured, but deep inside I think he's no longer the same CAT as we know.

Look at the eyes.He is now EVIL. Tak percaya ka?? look at these pictures. That my friends are evil eyes. Look the way he stares at you.

Even thought he's our family CAT, we don't really pamper him much. I feed him, but that's it. Everything else is his survival skills. Sometimes, he left us for days but eventually will return back home - maybe he went screwing other pussycat dolls.

This is my son. He has this one special unexplainable relationship with CAT. He's like a guardian angel to my son. When my son sick, CAT will lay down beside him.

CAT love to sleep beside my son. You must think my son is a cat lover, no he' not. He always bully CAT but for some reason CAT seems like to be bullied by my son.

Evil is always evil. Sometime, for no reason CAT will scratch my son.

I told you.... my cat is evil....look at the evil eyes again.

But I'm not worried. My kid can take care of himself. Did I mention my kid is a young wizard?

Tak percaya ka?

See evidence captured by me, my wizard son is opening a portal to WWW - Wizard Wide World.

Why Windows Suck !

Why Windows suck big time? Here are the reasons...

General Failure always reading your hard disk, by the way who the fuck is General Failure?

Windows main feature is Multitasking: Screwing up several things at once...

Windows encourage backup, but they never created reverse switch...

Bugs come in through open Windows....

Windows is just a colorful clown suit for DOS....

Dogs crawl under 'gates', software crawls under Windows!

Windows do nothing, Viruses help do everything....

An Apple a day keep the doctors away, bugs in Windows rich with proteins...

Since 1981 till today, Bill Gates think 640k ought to be enough for everyone.

If Windows is User-Friendly, why do you need to read a 672 pages manual?

Windows, it keeps loading and loading and loading...

Windows make very fast, very accurate mistakes...

Windows, the solution to a problem that didn't exist before.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Steve Penk - Radio Prank #1

Steve Penk - CapitalFM London

One of his best prank

WHAT DO YOU WANT !! - 1.37 minutes

More to come...