Thursday, May 31, 2007

Free Skype Prank Software

Did you guys notice, as a 'male' skype user, you hardly receive any voice or text chat request. The only text messages you receive are SPAM messages. But when you girlfriend login her profile, her screen start to pop in messages from pervert guys trying coming onto her. Doesn't you hate that!!

It is about time to get your hand on those net perverter.... with SKYPE PRANK

Download here

DivShare File - Skype Prank V0.1 (

What is Skype Prank?

A small program you should parallel run with your skype. To confirm connection with skype, "Attached to skype" shown at bottom of the program. If not attached, logout and login skype again.

How does it work?
A profile is put up with a girl's name and picture, and put in "Skype me" mode. Within minutes some seedy guy will invariably try calling/chatting, and there's a little program I made running the whole time which will partner up people 2 at a time, and send messages from the first person to the second, & vice versa. This way both people think they're talking to a girl, when they find out, well, they're not normally too happy about it...

Check out the following victims....


A guy nick "freedon_rag" vs "cam to cam sex". They thought they were hitting on my imaginary female profile named "Alisya" - checkout this beauty asean chick in red circle. Actually they are hitting each other.

Remember, they only see Alisya nick and profile, not the other guy.

Read on to see what happen when they found out they screwing another guy...

horny_sweet_boy = "cam to cam sex"

31-05-07 12:23:56 AM - freedom_rag: hello
31-05-07 12:24:01 AM - freedom_rag: simple and modest man wanna send u a flower
31-05-07 12:25:19 AM - freedom_rag: (F)
31-05-07 12:25:52 AM - horny_sweet_boy: hey
31-05-07 12:25:52 AM - horny_sweet_boy: you there?
31-05-07 12:26:06 AM - horny_sweet_boy: thx
31-05-07 12:26:13 AM - horny_sweet_boy: but
31-05-07 12:26:14 AM - freedom_rag: hello
31-05-07 12:26:17 AM - horny_sweet_boy: can i see you?
31-05-07 12:26:27 AM - freedom_rag: sure u ca
31-05-07 12:26:30 AM - freedom_rag: u can
31-05-07 12:26:35 AM - horny_sweet_boy: ok
31-05-07 12:26:41 AM - freedom_rag: how are u ?
31-05-07 12:26:54 AM - horny_sweet_boy: i m so horny,you?
31-05-07 12:27:26 AM - freedom_rag: why are u horny
31-05-07 12:27:40 AM - horny_sweet_boy: coz i m alone
31-05-07 12:27:44 AM - horny_sweet_boy: i wanna see you
31-05-07 12:28:02 AM - freedom_rag: do u belive in sex via net?
31-05-07 12:28:09 AM - horny_sweet_boy: yes
31-05-07 12:28:15 AM - horny_sweet_boy: we can make masturbate
31-05-07 12:28:37 AM - freedom_rag: is it useful?
31-05-07 12:28:56 AM - horny_sweet_boy: maybe
31-05-07 12:29:14 AM - freedom_rag: but why not make it in reality
31-05-07 12:29:26 AM - horny_sweet_boy: coz we are so far
31-05-07 12:29:59 AM - freedom_rag: do u agree to make it in reality?
31-05-07 12:30:20 AM - horny_sweet_boy: yes
31-05-07 12:30:25 AM - horny_sweet_boy: but how

--- now lets the fun begin.......

31-05-07 12:30:37 AM - freedom_rag: what is ur name
31-05-07 12:30:45 AM - horny_sweet_boy: roberto
31-05-07 12:31:08 AM - freedom_rag: male?
31-05-07 12:31:12 AM - freedom_rag: or female
31-05-07 12:31:13 AM - horny_sweet_boy: yes
31-05-07 12:31:17 AM - horny_sweet_boy: male
31-05-07 12:31:19 AM - horny_sweet_boy: u?
31-05-07 12:31:27 AM - freedom_rag: male
31-05-07 12:31:48 AM - horny_sweet_boy: why you have a woman name?
31-05-07 12:32:10 AM - freedom_rag: it is u who have a woman name
31-05-07 12:32:28 AM - freedom_rag: ur name is alisya
31-05-07 12:32:38 AM - horny_sweet_boy: :)
31-05-07 12:32:41 AM - horny_sweet_boy: i m roberto
31-05-07 12:32:42 AM - horny_sweet_boy: u?
31-05-07 12:32:56 AM - freedom_rag: are u guy
31-05-07 12:33:00 AM - freedom_rag: gay
31-05-07 12:33:03 AM - horny_sweet_boy: no
31-05-07 12:33:04 AM - horny_sweet_boy: u?
31-05-07 12:33:21 AM - freedom_rag: why do u put a woman picture
31-05-07 12:33:30 AM - horny_sweet_boy: are you sick?
31-05-07 12:33:47 AM - freedom_rag: it is u who is sick
31-05-07 12:33:49 AM - horny_sweet_boy: or idiot
31-05-07 12:34:02 AM - horny_sweet_boy: you have a woman picture
31-05-07 12:34:03 AM - freedom_rag: go away
31-05-07 12:34:06 AM - horny_sweet_boy: and woman skype
31-05-07 12:34:10 AM - horny_sweet_boy: fuck off
31-05-07 12:34:24 AM - freedom_rag: fuck you gay
31-05-07 12:34:31 AM - horny_sweet_boy: i m not gay
31-05-07 12:34:33 AM - horny_sweet_boy: but you
31-05-07 12:34:39 AM - freedom_rag: ur searching for penis
31-05-07 12:34:48 AM - freedom_rag: ur searching to fuck you
31-05-07 12:35:00 AM - freedom_rag: go away fuck off
31-05-07 12:35:04 AM - freedom_rag: go to hell
31-05-07 12:35:10 AM - horny_sweet_boy: you re idiot
31-05-07 12:36:01 AM - freedom_rag: tell me the truth
31-05-07 12:36:08 AM - horny_sweet_boy: what
31-05-07 12:36:08 AM - freedom_rag: do u need me to fuck you
31-05-07 12:36:20 AM - horny_sweet_boy: fuck off gay
31-05-07 12:36:41 AM - freedom_rag: ur gay

The they can't sleep ever after .....

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trick Using GOOGLE as P2P Client

I got this tip from

It is kinda long winded, just read my blog for straight forward step by step.

What happen is using the following string you get to "slip" into unsecured pc containing file you are looking for. The following string valid for these extension mp3, mp4, avi, zip, rar only.

Follow this properly.

1) Copy link location or click on CLICK ME below.


2) Bookmark it.

3) Go to bookmark property

4) Name it anything, but under keyword put "Search"

5) Done

6) Example, if you are looking for "alicia key" song, type inside address bar. Remember "address bar" where the html://bla.bla.bla........ not google bar.

Type search alicia.key
or looking for movie search spiderman.3
or mp3 song search

7) A list of index.of site will appear. Some are spam, it is not 100% perfect but once you found the file, the download speed 5 - 10 time faster than average p2p client or even torrent.

As the matter of fact, I'm downloading spiderman 3 now :)

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Monday, May 28, 2007



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Hantu : Panggil Namaku 3X

Available in Youtube - Username anrra , it is private video, checkout his playlist. Be his "friend" and you get to watch this movie.

This is an old movie back in 2005. The the hell, I just watched it and it is one hella good movie.


Lara (Hayria Lontoh) a clever, shy with silly appearance girl. She lives with her grandmother, Mer (Titi Qadarsih). She always becomes the joke by her friends especially Sharon (Nita Ferlina) and Brian (Raffi Ahmad). One day, when Lara is tortured by them, there something make them all in fear. Suddenly emerge a line Rosemary Marian, panggil namaku 3x!

At the beginning, Lara doesn’t want to call the name, but the spirit of Rosemary Marian continue following her. As a result, Lara becomes braver and her appearance makes people of astonishment surrounding area. This made Sharon increasingly hates Lara. Moreover that Brian gets closer to Lara

Lara feels happy with the entrance of Rosemary Marian’s spirit, but when the spirit begin to control herself to avenge revenge, many things happen out of her desire to do.


This movie remind me of Bangku Kosong. There are few similarity, such as innocent girl, bullied by a bunch of bitches, a dead spirit possessed her and get level on the bitches, in turn dead spirit using her to get her revenge or do some unfinished business.

Nice thing bout this movie is that they using the same fx effect used in Initial D, and Matrix. Indeed if I'm not mistaken, on a scene, they actually use Initial D music as background music.

An then there's Bloody Mary concept. That's ok for me. It is like Pontianak, people came out with Sundel Bolong, Pontianak, and Kuntilanak, it's all the same but the most important is the storyline itself.

Watch it....

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Today Alexa Rank 2,321,966

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I puncture my blood vessel

This morning I was scratching my foot and accidentally puncture one of my blood vessel. Apparently it was swollen and had small puncture from yesterday scratching. I had this bad habit of scratching things of my body, so little wound like mosquito bites would end up like scar from chicken pox.

And this morning while working on morning blog, I purposely scratch the small puncture wound and end up tearing my main vein. Blood spurt out as far as 2 feets, it doesn't hurt though.... I quickly put a pressure on it hoping the blood cloth would seal the wound as it normally does when you had blood taken with a syringe.

I'll be damn, I was wrong, the moment I took my hand off, it gushing out again, had my wife change new cloth and kinda wrap around tight hoping to slow down the blood flow. Blood all over the floor, like CSI murder scene gitu.

15 minutes later we were in clinic, and to our surprise the blood still gushing out. Doc say, long time he hasn't seen such cases. He told me, it normally happen on car accident victim. So it wasn't a normal puncture, it was torn out and need to be stitch out. Was told if bloody mary still come out have to refer to hospital and had the blood vessel sealed by burning it. Damn scary shit.

Actualy I should have buy tampon and stuck on my torn vein... ahak !! bocor lagi.

Download Youtube "PRIVATE" Video

Before, I was able to download all Youtube video via Video Downloader firefox plugin or sometimes via various website like or - until today when I realised there are lot more interesting video marked private and only visible by "friend" and when I tried to download them, all the usual way does not seem to work.

Google search for solution, endup with useless solution. People keep on talking about ll those website and videodownloader or some monkeygrease script. Shit !! I need solution on "private"video !! All queries on private video downloading went unanswered...

Till I stumbled upon a blog mentioning THE HARD WAY, and I'll be damn.... it work like charm!!

Even better since it also work on where hundreds of anime movie and series available for streaming, not to mention a long list of asean tv series and movies, including thailand, japan, korea, taiwan, chinese horror movie. Even Cicakman was there !!

So here is the HARD WAY !!

1) Open the intended movie, leave it there for it to fully streamed in its player.

"Stupid is it, u might ask, why can't I just watch it there? Easy, you might want it to be on your harddisk to watch it later with your girlfriend, or like me, I let it streamed overnite and watch it next morning, being able to download it, no more risk of losing it by accidentally click X button."

2) Open search function. Refer picture

A - change modified date to "today"
B - search only in c:/documents and settings/yourusername/
C - specify sized at least 10000 kb , filter out smaller files.


on the result page
D - filename look like this
E - sort by date and time - match your stream time.

Identify file size -

10 minutes = about 20 mb
5 minutes = about 10 mb

3) Copy these files elsewhere and rename to anyname.flv

Google for flv player to play. Tonnes out there...

Ése es todo, gracias, el mirar feliz y amo sus todos.

Alles das ist, danke, glückliches Aufpassen und ich liebe Ihre alle.

C'est tout, merci, observation heureuse et j'aime vos tous.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Dragonball Match : The Cornholio Fight

Enjoy my latest video production, and my second edition from "The Cornholio Series". Checkout the first Braveheart The Cornholio War production.

For this latest video credit goes to Cherrorist for the great originally SWF format animation tittled "The Match". I fine tuned it into video format with new twist of The Cornholio War as I did with Braveheart clip.

Be the first to rate and comment.... enjoy !!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hantu Kambing ! (Goat Ghost)

Seriously, I don't like posting other people Youtube video unless I find it worth sharing. Recently added so I presume many has not watch it yet. Be among the early bird to have a good laugh at it. I did !!

So funny it would have won USD100,000 American Funniest Home video if contested.

Have a big LOL .

Presenting .... Scariest Goat Caught on Tape !!

Dad Confesses To Burning Baby In Microwave

A 19-year-old was arrested and charged after police said his 2-month-old daughter was burned when he placed her in a microwave, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday.

Joshua Mauldin, of Arkansas, has been charged with injury to a child causing serious harm. He is in the Galveston County jail with bond set at $250,000. At Shriners Burns Hospital on Tuesday, doctors treated internal injuries and third-degree burns the infant suffered to the left side of her face and left hand. She is listed in critical condition.
Maudlin arrived at the Quality Inn & Suites on Seawall Boulevard in Galveston last week along with the baby, his wife and mother. He called 911 on Thursday, saying that his baby had been burned in the hotel room when he tripped while carrying a pot of hot water to make coffee. But police Sgt. Annie Almendarez said investigators later decided the child's injuries were not consistent with that story.

She said investigators believe the child was in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds."I've been doing this for a lot of years and it actually brought tears to my eyes," Almendarez said. "I'm sitting there looking at the pictures and I'm sitting there looking at him and there's nothing I could really do about it but just keep my composure and go on."Detectives said Mauldin later confessed to putting his daughter in the microwave and said he was frustrated by the demands of caring for her. He said he wanted to get rid of the stress of caring for her."When we brought him in, he was -- every day -- there was no expression, no expression at all -- no remorse," Almendarez said.

At the time the child was injured, her mother and Mauldin's mother were picking up dinner at a nearby restaurant. According to police reports, Mauldin told investigators God ordered him to go to Galveston to look for work as a minister.If convicted, Mauldin could receive a prison term of five to 99 years, as well as a fine of up to $10,000.Doctors said they expect the baby to survive. However, the long-term ramifications are not known.

Hot sex can cure common cold

That's Bizarre: New research suggests hot sex can cure the common cold.

Swiss scientist Manfred Schedlovski claims his experiments show that regular love-making increases the amount of phagocyte cells, which boost the body's immune system and fight the microbes that cause colds.

He claims the number of phagocytes - which attack alien antibodies, causing them to self-destruct - significantly increases during sexual intercourse.

And according to Schedlovski's research, the number of phagocyte cells can even double after an orgasm, allowing alien microbes to be detected and destroyed more quickly.

Immunologist Peter Schleicher is among scientists to support Schedlovski's theory.

He told Bild am Sonntag newspaper: "Not only does sex heal our body, it also sustains its immune system."

Turbocharged your SEX with Camel Milk

"Get you love drunk off my hump.
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps"

Camel's Milk The Key To Virility?

Virmaram Jat, of India, has a libido that could put young guys to shame. The 88-year-old farmer, who just fathered twins, has never heard of Viagra but has intercourse every day, and plans to do so until death.

He attributes his virility to long walks, vegetarianism, and drinking 2-3 liters of camel milk a day. Jat lives with his two wives in a mud hut and scoffs at the notion of slowing down. Sex is natural, he contends, "there should be an urge within you to enjoy a full life... I do it daily and the best time for intercourse is between 2 am and 4 am."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hantu Jangan Pandang Belakang

Available in Youtube since 2 days ago ... 9 parts ... Quick while it is still available.


This horrifying and mysterious story is about a young man named Darma (Pierre Andre) whose fiance, Rose (Intan Ladyana) had died under suspicious circumstances. Determined to find out the truth behind Rose’s death, Darma and Rose’s twin sister, Seri (also played by Intan Ladyana), embark on a with terrifying consequences. Through this quest for truth, Darma and Seri starts uncovering many disturbing mysteries surrounding Rose’s death.

Their search begins at Rose’s house where the duo finds incriminating evidence, including a strange bottle and eerie images on Rose’s digital camera.

From this point on, Darma’s life takes an ominous turn for the worse. Nothing goes well for him and his work performance slides sharply. As a result, he is forced to take a leave of absence from work. Darma uses this opportunity to seek spiritual help from his aunty, Mak Lang (Khatijah Tan).

Darma’s retreat leads to the unveiling of horrifying truth behind Rose’s death. The truth comes at a terrible price, one with each Darma and Seri can hardly come to terms with. The truth will haunt the duo for the rest of their living days. What is the story behind this chilling tale? A word of caution, Don’t Look Back because you will never know who or what you come face to face with!


I admit this is one of the scariest malay horror movie. But focusing on storyline, this movie has nothing, or at least very thin story line. It lack for vital segments before you can call it a horror movie. Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam is one movie with the best storyline ever.

The suspense and chilling effect was good. Ghost are "visible" enough but makeup too much. I hate the ghost hand job (not that hand job you pervert). The hand remind me of thai traditional dancer. It was more of witch hand than a ghost. Face makeup too much I got confuse between a ghost or ugly butt monster.

Ghost has no purpose? Apparently the ghost was looking for a new master but it doesn't explain why much kill the girl? Can't her be the new master. I don't know, thin story line.

We were shown Darma been away from God for sometime and later after getting advice from his boss, he started to be more religious kind of person. He prayed before he went to bed at 12 midnite, but somehow he set his alarm at 7.30 am. Wasn't he suppose to get up earlier for suboh prayer..... mmm... half heartedly, no wonder ghost keep coming back.

Ghost #1 : Someone need a haircut. And someone need to run !!!!!

This ghost was shown to be able to fly and walk. Why suddenly need to crawl?
Dey thambi !! you are in the wrong movie dah.... this is ain't The Ring.

Hantu Bangku Kosong

Part 1
Part 2


Bangku Kosong (Empty Chair), tells a story about a possessed girl in a high school. Once there was a high school girl named Clara who went missing, and the body never found. After the incident, no one dare to sit in the desk that Clara used to sit. They believed that Clara’s spirit still haunted the chair. Even the teachers believed it. A new teacher named Ms. Grace who just came to teach in the high school doesn’t believe in such things and ordered a student named Dinda to sit in the desk. After a while Dinda sit in Clara’s chair, strange things start to happen. Dinda felt connected to Clara and sometimes she possessed by mysterious spirit. Feel with responsibility, Ms. Grace and the students work together to solve the mystery of the empty chair.

My Review

What can I say, they have pretty chick as teacher. That is all enough for me to keep watching the whole movie. Seriously, Ms Grace is hot. Dinda, too young and innocent to be a bitch. And there were 3 school bullies kinda remind me of The Craft. The above review was cut and paste from another website. So basically I'm going to add some of the missing part to my review.

The story is all about Dinda, innocent and naive young girl, constantly being bullied by her 3 evil classmates. And there was this chair in the class was kept empty coz it was haunted. They tried to get rid of it but it somehow return back to the classroom. It was haunted by its previous owner.

New teacher, hot chick Ms Grace, not knowing the history about the chair and being skeptical to all these supernatural shits forces Dinda to sit on the Bangku Kosong (empty chair) and from there all the hoo haa boo crash boom bang started.

Let's move to the screen shot review.

Hot Teacher Ms Grace and Dinda
3 Bitches, left one kinda pretty, middle one look like that ugly bitch from the craft,
and that fatso, I still cannot remove the image of her face crapping out big ass shit in toilet.
Some spoiler here - big chances these three bitches my be the next ghosts in Bangku Kosong 2.

There are 2 ghosts in the movie.

Ghost #1 : Clara, the Hantu Bangku Kosong herself. She the good ghost, an unrest soul seek Dinda's assistant to help her soul rest in peace. While seeking Dinda's help, she return her favour by getting rid of the 3 bitches without Dinda knowing it lah.... Dinda so innocent mah, she got no heart feeling one.

Ghost #2 : This vengeful ghost is very nasty. She seek revenge and her heart rage with jealousy. Because of love triangle, she's killed Clara, her best friend and hang herself. Now that Dinda sit on Clara's empty chair, she mistook Dinda of being her old rival.
The above photo, she threatening Dinda with a sharp object, the same apparatus she used to kill Clara.

The first time Dinda sit on the empty chair, the whole classroom went havoc with Dinda doing some poltergeist shit and half the classroom went hysterical, paper flying around.
I'll be damn.... I tell you this scene was the best scene I've seen so far. Nothing came close to these scene in recent horror movie.

Pocong 2

You can watch Pocong in Youtube today. Search keyword "Pocong 2" not Puchong ok. Puchong kalu you go to Google Earth instead,


Orphan sisters Maya and Andin are live together and look after each other after the death of their parents. Maya works as an assistant lecturer and Andin is a High School student. Because Maya is going to married to her fiancé, Adam, Andin decided to look for a renting room. Together with Maya, Andin finds a nice room advertised on newspaper. It’s quite a nice room Andin rent, but series of incident happens. Andin starts seeing Pocong (shrouded ghost). Nobody believes her including Maya until Andin falls into deep depression because of this. To help her sister, Maya goes to see a psychic who can help her see whatever her sister saw. After Maya able to see the ghost, Maya through what her sister has been through. Maya finally see that her sister is in great danger because of the anger spirit.

My Review

Watch it if you haven't or you'll missed one of the seven wonders in horror film. Just look at the pocong above, dare you to stare at the picture alone at night. Originally it was 800 x 600 pixel, just to get it size reduces already scare the shit of me.

Story line was good and ending also good, though a bit confusing. Somehow part of the story kind was ripped off from The Eyes series, the one where your eyes can see ghost. But somehow, that part of being able to see ghost was the most and the best part ever in this movie. In this movie you got to see lots of ghosts. Indeed, I can tell you there are more ghost character than the human.

The main actress is very pretty. But the ghost are butt ugly.

Ghost #1 : This bad ass ghost somehow not an ugly ghost.
This is the only ghost in the movie which
the makeup artist forget to actually do their job. Perhaps this guy felt he's
too macho to play butt ugly ghost. Just like me, machoness have to
maintain in any situation.

If you wonder why the movie called Pocong but this guy got to be #1 ghost??
That because the created Pocong, he wrapped his victim in white sheet before
put buried them. So if no white sheet no Pocong lah. Correct or not !! He's like
the father of all Pocong.....

Ghost #2 : Pocong. Picture refer to the top post. Pocong has been a local classic ghost even in malay community. Since I was kid - we were feed with all kind of stories about Pocong. There was even movies about Pocong. Malay in Malaysia and Indonesia actually share the same imagination when it come to ghost. We share the same though about pontianak @ kuntilanak, pocong, toyol, hantu raya, jerangkong @ jelangkong, and etc.

Ghost # ?? - Ahak .... don' t worry.... this is not a ghost. This is paranormal or dukun, helping our friend to open her third eye. Yeah.... he's uglier than Ghost #1.

This is not the main player. This ghost just a pinch of salt to the movie. Somehow it scare the shit of me. The idea of having your dead girlfriend love you so much and decided to linger around you and licking your neck for the rest of your life is not something appetizing.

Of course that guy above did not see her. His third eye closed shut, or else he'll freak out.
This is where they ripped of from The Eyes series and also The Shutter.


It a good movie to watch with your girlfriend, alone, at nite, on a couch,
with light off, and a pack of "protection glove" for your little kiddo.
But for muslim, don't !! Do it with your wife.

Hantu Jeruk Purut

Watch it on YOUTUBE. Don't bother to use Youtube if you don't know how to search for it.

This synopsis is cut & paste from elsewhere, so the grammar is much better than mine.... ahak !!

Jeruk Purut is a Cemetery which is believed to be haunted. A horror novelist, Anna who wrote a story about ghost in Jeruk Purut cemetery found death at her house. Anna’s best friend, Airin is trying to solve the mystery of Airin death through the novels that Anna wrote. Besides solving the mystery, Airin also has an ambition to write a horror novel based on the Anna’s incident. Her investigation brings her to Jeruk Purut cemetery and Airin become obsessed by the ghost story. Right after Airin’s visit to the cemetery, mysterious accidents start to happen to Anna and her friends. It seems that the Jeruk Purut ghost wants Airin to stop the investigation.

My Review

Forget about story line. It was all mess up, but if you are in for some scary shit and frucking ugly ghost that will terrorise your dream tonite, you are on the right track. The intros were the best I watched so far. Intros - yes with "s", this movie has two intro scenes and it took more than 10 minutes before you get to seek opening text.

No I wasn't talking about this intro.

It is 12.30 midnight and I'm all alone downstair doing review on a ghost movie. Damn I'm one macho guy. I heard some weird sound on my backyard. Now no more. It sound like one in the ring. The scene in cellar .... I hope it as just frog, or else I'll loose my machoness soon.

The Ghosts

Let me post some of the ghost appearing in the movie and do some caption on it so that you'll understand what was it about.

Ghost #1 : Female Vampire a.k.a. Kuntilanak @ Pontianak, raped and murdered by ghost #2, when she was alive. They tried to get Maya Karim but apparently she was busy dating me that time..... Ahak ! khak tui.....!!

The female ghost decided to do some David Copperfield levitation magic on the chick, but somehow she forgot to hypnotize her, that my friend freak her out.

Ghost #2 : Headless ghost, head chopped off by villagers after he muder the above girl and a man. Not sure if he sodomized that man or not.

The headless ghost carries his head around looking for poor bustard to kill and kick ass. One nasty ghost. Previously acted in Hollowman as Headless Horseman with Johnny Deep and bitch who played Casper's girlfriend.

He is currently looking into modeling as headless supermarket mannequin.

Ghost #3 : Hantu Jeruk Purut, a young fresh manggo was murdered and cut into pieces and preserved it parts IN A JAR !! This ghost will chocked it unsuspecting victim to death and it is bad for asthmatic patients.

You don't see this ghost in the movie but this is one of the most dangerous and notorious ghost in the movie. Or else they won't call the movie - Hantu Jeruk Purut.

This ghost was actually in the movie. It was so scary they had to cut out the part when this ghost appear - or else it will not be approved by LEMBAGA SENSOR FILEM - the biggest and meanest of all LEMBAGA in Indonesia.

Like one in Malaysia, the scariest of all is LEMBAGA HASIL DALAM NEGERI, a TOYOL type ghost who steal your hard earn money - legally. Fortunately some ghost in Malaysia already extinct like Electic Ghost - Lembaga Letrik Negara (LLN).

Dear Director : Shitty Plot to avoid in future

1) A group of youngster visit already known haunted cemetery middle on night hoping to see some ghost and when a black shadow appear, they start running and screaming like sissy bitches. People who are brave enough to step foot in a graveyard middle of the nite will not run like sissy bitch. Unless the freaking ghost start eating your friend brain.

2) Stop going to a cemetery alone at night when you can actually go the during daytime. You are taking pictures, not grave robber or something.

3) Hospital always full of patient and staff nurse - making a scene with empty rooms and corridors, is nonsense.

4) When ghost chasing you, run along the corridor, do not enter room with dead body (morgue).

5) Dear director, visit disco toilet for once in your life. There is no way a toilet empty in a disco club. People drink a lot and piss a lot to.

6) When ghost appear in toilet - quite running around in the toilet - just get the fruck out.

7) When ghost disturb you in disco toilet - don't drive back home alone you idiot !! get some bitches and gayboy to accompany you home.

8) Finally, indonesia has lot of pretty chick, why can't you have one as main actress?

Above all, I still enjoy the show coz it's free.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Indonesia Horror Movie

Since we were feed with Korean-Taiwan-Japan horror movie, I kinda forget how good indonesian movie when it come to ghost movie. Tittles like Sundel Bolong, Pocong, Pontianak and etc still fresh in mind, even their old vcds still selling in stores.

One thing I like about them is, they actually show the ghost from beginning, unlike newest horror crap you got to see shadows and actor/est been chase by 'cameraman'. Same goes to Thai horror movie. Their ghost is scary shit - not just long hair girl with powdered face in white dress. This shit was scary in the Ring and when all movies start showing the same scrap - it wasn't scary anymore - hell i don't mind sleeping with one of those, feel like sleeping with japanese opera bitch.

Since I have stop donating money to local cinema and Pirate of Petaling Street on Black Pearl Stall, my only source of movie, beside tv's, would be my faithful Ares (p2p clients).

Ares provides me with good hollywood movies but almost none on asean movies. So I kinda lost track on asean movies. Recent encounter with free streaming services with tonnes of asean tv series and movies, also anime, had me spend hours on internet watching them until feels like want to puke already.

Go to this post to get the url for 2 greatest site on anime and asean movies

Few of the horror movie are good, like R-Point, Hauted Apartment, Ghost Train, One Missed Call (I, II, III), The Eyes (I, II, Infinity) - must watch - all three of them.

However, some are just being typical latest horror shit with shitty ending and smell like donkey ass. My advice is, read the reviews, especially review on last part (most movies broken into 3-4 parts) but watchout for spoiler - some stupid dude like to put spoiler in their review.

Go back to the topic, like I said, the site doesn't have Indonesian Movie, and very little Thailand movies, while these two countries provide good scary movie. I've been on Youtube long time and shamefully only recently I discover some good indonesian and thailand horror movies listed there. Berak Suci !! (holy crap) .... and these movies are good !! And subbed with malay or english.

I watched Pocong 2, Bangku Kosong, Pondok 13, The Commitment, Ghost of Mae Nak (continuation from the award winning Nang Nak), My Heart and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Ok... last two wasn't horror movie but at least someone died in the movie, they'll become ghost some day.

I'm trying to look for more..... and can't wait for some good one especially malay movie like Jangan Pandang Belakang.

The trick is, if you are looking for a movie always add the word "part" in your search. Example, "pocong part" "kuck hota part" doing this you'll filter out those short clip like trailer.

Have fun.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Go to Hell !!

Go to Hell !!

Yes.... today you can go to Hell and comeback home ALIVE !! No kidding ..... visit to see how.

I thought it was a big freaking joke until I visit the link above. I'll be damn.... they are for real. People actually have been visiting hell and back alive to tell their stories and pictures also.

Don't forget to check out how hell is called hell on the history of hell. The link is here....

Very Nice Chinese Song - Ai De Tian Guo (Cyndi Wang)

This chinese song from Taiwan TV Series, (Heaven's Wedding Dress @ Le Robe De Mariage Des Cieux) is one very syiok song, so freaking sad even for buta cina language like me.

Though not understand a single word, I watched the TV series here and there so basically I knew what was it about. It's all about triple quadruple love story between Ai Qing (Cyndi Wang - in picture) - her boss (control macho from begining to end) - her childhood friend (mat rempit on superbike) - her boss fiancee (who look like Janet Khoo) - and her rabbit (what? you think rabbit got no feeling ka?).

Enjoy the song and movie clip.

爱的天国 /Ai De Tian Guo
(The Kingdom Of Love)
Artist: Cyndi Wang

Lyric @

you shui neng gou gao su wo
shi jian di hai duo shen
ni he wo de xin
ming ming ceng jing shi xiang ai de

shi fou ni hai ting de dao
wo hu han ni de sheng yin
wei he wo you zhong kao bu jin ni de xin qing

* yue lai yue bu neng gou xiang xin
sheng ming zhi zhong mei you ni
hao xiang tian guo mei you mei li de jia yi

wei shen me zai wo de yan jing
zong you yu gan jiang yao xia yu
jiu suan zou zai ren qun li
ye jue de hao gu ji

wei shen me zai ni de yan jing
wo kan bu dao ni de teng xi
nan dao ai yi rong hua zai shi jian li

you shui neng gou gao su wo
ai de tian guo duo yuan
ni he wo de meng
shi fou ke neng hui shi xian

(Repeat *)

wei shen me xiang ai de yuan yin
sui zhe ni zhuan shen de li qu
ai de tian guo yi yao bu ke ji

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Saw Johnny Deep

Don't play play I tell you. Last week I came across one mat salleh (white) guy near Petaling Street. He was all mess up, and look so messy one. Wahlau.... like that punya mat salleh also got ho. Somehow I cannot take my eyes of him. Look familiar loh.

Then he saw me looking at him. He walk toward me. I panic already. He gave friendly smile and offer a hand shake. I pun shake shake his hand la.

Then he intro himself..... I was shocked and syiok also la. This guy is that pirate guy from carrotbean one. The man himself, Mr Johnny Deep la. Fuyooo !! I shake hand with hollywood celeb la. He's quite mess up people cannot recognized him on first glance. To control my macho I keep cool only. Don't want to look so kampung one. Later havoc satu Petaling Street , I loose my chance to be buddy buddy with no 1 lanun loh.

He told me he got problem. His wallet kena kaput already. He got no money to go back hotel and he's catching a plane at nite. I pity him, big celeb come Malaysia already kena kaput. Damn you mat ragut !! these uncivilised people should got to jail and force to ragut rumput like cow.

I feel very shame of myself loh, to show that not all malaysian hamsup one, I offer him RM20. I told him enough to take cab back to his hotel. He asked for my phone number. He said he will call me later to get my address and return back my money. In appreciation to my gesture, he told me I hit jackpot. Big money on the way soon.

Before he left, I told him to get me a role in Pirate 4. He noded his head and that was my first and probably my last encounter with big celebrity like him.

I was smiling all the way home. Though I missed my lunch (that RM20 lunch money) I knew, it was a good investment. No one at home believe my story, I don't care.... wait till I receive the "jackpot" cheque and invitation to act in Pirate of Carrotbean 4 ... who will be the biggest loser then.

He hasn't contact me yet, I'm sure he's busy promoting the new Pirate of C 3. But my waiting won't be long. Soon I'll have no time blogging anymore. I'll be goyang kaki in Carribbean.... ole.

Friday, May 18, 2007

AGLOCO - Get Paid To Surf

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Malaysia plans to pour 196,000 beers down drain


Good move ... somehow, somewhere, somebody did not died from DUI road accident, somebody's sister did not get rape, somebody's family remain intact .... etc.

Should have banned these piss water. Everybody drink Kickapoo..... poo water.

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian customs officials plan to send more than 196,000 cans of smuggled beer gurgling down the drain after confiscating them from a gang that specialised in reselling duty-free drinks to pubs and grocers.

Officials cannot auction off the beer, worth about 287,000 ringgit ($115,400) with 1 million ringgit owed in unpaid duty and sales tax, because the sale would affect the domestic market, the Star newspaper said on Tuesday.

The smugglers worked with freight forwarders and haulers over six months to obtain duty-free beers meant for shops in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, customs officials told the paper.

Each of the 8178 seized cartons was to have been sold for 30 ringgit, or about a third of the market price, customs official Madrina Alwi said.

But the plan went flat after customs officers raided an industrial estate where the beer was stored and caught two Myanmar nationals, the paper said.


Ugly Betty TV star insures smile for $13m

LONDON - The star of hit US television series Ugly Betty has had her smile insured for US$10 million (NZ$13.5m) by British insurance firm Lloyd's.

The company said the policy for America Ferrara, who plays dorky assistant Betty Suarez in the show, was bought by home teeth-whitening product Aquafresh White Trays as part of a promotion to raise money for US charity Smiles for Success.

"It's very flattering to have my smile insured for $10 million, it's not something that I ever imagined happening," Ferrara, 23, said in a statement on the Lloyd's website.

"I'll try my hardest to take care of it."

Mmmmm....... how much does Monalisa smile worth?

The Truth About Ghost

I have a friend. The kind of person who pray 5 times a day, the kind of person who you can trust every single word that come out of his mouth. He is well educated, he came from a highly credential religion school in Seremban (SMAP Labu), an IT expert and a degree holder in electrical engineering from Sheffield University.

Interesting fact about this guy is, he sees spirit. He can communicates with them and he has lots of interesting stories to share.

No he's not like Kurasaki Ichigo in Bleach or Sixth Sense Boy, he doesn't see spirit 24 hours 7 days a week. He can see them if he want to see them, by reciting certain verses from Quran. No he's not revealing which verse - for our own good.

I ask him, what is ghost? Actually there is no such thing as ghost. Ghost is just a general word for spiritual entity. Apart from living human being like us, we are actually sharing this world with other entities, which are dead people spirit and jin.

According to him, dead spirit does wander around, they are everywhere, but they never do harm to living soul. Their purpose of life ended when they died and they are just waiting for judgement day where they will be evaluated from the day they were baligh (matured) till the day they died. So rumors that dead spirit possessing and cause disturbance are nonsense.

However, Jin is different. They are like living human, except they live in a different dimension. They have the ability to possessed another human being, they can cause havoc of disturbance to our life. This is what we should have refer to as HANTU or GHOST. They can appear in any shape and most of the time, when they want to do shit, they show their ugly face. They can be your best friend and they can be your enemy. In another word, they are just like us, with extra power.

Here is latest story he share with me. Recently he was admitted to Putrajaya Hospital due to blood infection. He was in coma for 3 days. While he was in coma, one big mofo Jin trying to get into his "empty" body. He had to fight hard to reclaim his body. I ask him, how he fight - was it kung fu stype or what.... basically he just read some know verses thought by his sifu in fighting this big mofo Jin.

During the fight he get to know his enemy. Apparently this big Jin and his family live in Dataran Putrajaya area. Specifically the surrounding area where they plant the trees. Many other jins live there to. Everytime azan cited from the mosque, these jins run like hell into the lake.

Sure enough I'm not going anywhere near there during night time.

He once told me about his first encounter. It was friday night, he's preparing himself for the occasion. After Maghrib prayer, he cited the specific verse and wait. Minutes later a dead indian spirit pass by and they start talking. He died from a motorcycle accident. The spirit condition is same as the time he died. Blood all over his face. Damn scary, for 2 weeks my friend kena high fever.

I told me he can arrange for anyone to see these thing, but he won't do it. Unless he's sure that person strong enough spiritually.

Is he bullshitting me? I don't think so. Like I said, he's not the kind of person who lied. Furthermore, he learned all this from one of Dato Dr Haron Din student.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Staring at women's breasts good for men's health

My dear brothers,

It is time to get your eyes presciption. Don't want to loose your precious five year of your life.

Be consistent and remembers, 10 minutes of ogling equivalent to half an hour gym.

Cheap yet effective.

D0ctor say one..... .heheheheeheh

Celebrities' real names

They weren't the names they were born with.
But we reveal the celebs real names below:

Woody Allen = Allen Konigsberg
Muhammad Ali = Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.
Jon Bon Jovi = John Francis Bongiovi
David Bowie = David Robert Jones
Boy George = George Alan O'Dowd
Charles Bronson = Charles Buchinski
Nicholas Cage = Nicholas Coppola
Michael Cain = Maurice Micklewhite
Cher = Cherilyn Sarkisian
Eric Clapton - Eric Patrick Clapp
Nat King Cole = Nathaniel Adams Coles
Alice Cooper = Vincent Furnier
David Copperfield = David Kotkin
Tom Cruise = Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
James Dean = James Byron
Danny DeVito = Daniel Michaeli
Vin Diesel = Mark Vincent
Kirk Douglas = Issur Danielovitch
Sheena Easton = Sheena Shirley Orr
Eminem - Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Enya = Eithne Ni Bhraonain
Fatboy Slim = Quentin Cook (aka Norman Cook)
Sally Field = Sally Mahoney
Jodie Foster = Alicia Christian Foster
Michael J. Fox = Michael Andrew Fox
Whoopie Goldberg = Caryn Johnson
Hulk Hogan = Terry Gene Bollea
Rock Hudson = Roy Scherer Jr.
Ice Cube = Oshea Jackson
Ice-T = Tracy Morrow
Elton John = Reginald Dwight
Tom Jones = Thomas Woodward
Michael Keaton = Michael Douglas
Chaka Khan = Carole Yvette Marie Stevens
Larry King = Larry Zeigler
Nastassja Kinski = Nastassja Naksyznyski
Queen Latifah = Dana Owens
Brenda Lee = Brenda Mae Tarpley
Bruce Lee = Lee Yuen Kam
Jay Leno = James Douglas Muir Leno
Courtney Love = Michelle Harrison
Madonna = Madonna Louise Ciccone
Marilyn Manson = Brian Warner
Meat Loaf = Marvin Lee Aday
George Michael = Georgios Panayiotou
Marilyn Monroe = Norma Jean Mortenson (later Baker)
Demi Moore = Demetria Guynes
Chuck Norris = Carlos Ray
Notorious B.I.G. = Christopher Wallace
Ozzy Osbourne = John Michael Osbourne
Prince = Prince Rogers Nelson
Cliff Richard = Harry Rodger Webb
Sugar Ray Robinson = Walker Smith, Jr.
Winona Ryder = Winona Horowitz
Susan Sarandon = Susan Tomaling
Omar Sharif = Michael Shalhoub
Charlie Sheen = Carlos Irwin Estevez
Martin Sheen = Ramon Estevez
Sylvester Stallone = Michael Sylvester Enzio Stallone
Ringo Starr = Richard Starkey
Cat Stevens = Yusef Islam
Sting = Gordon Sumner
Donna Summer = La Donna Gaines
Mr. T = Lawrence Tero
The Undertaker = Mark Calloway
John Wayne = Marion Morrison
Sigourney Weaver = Susan Alexandra Weaver
Stevie Wonder = Stevland Morris

Raising The Dead

Pengacara TV ditangkap kerana positif dadah

I never like this baldy, while he was a reporter for 999 he acted as if he's part of the police force. Showing off - interrogating people - playing cop-wanna-be shit.

With his cocky talk - personally, I'm glad this is happening and I'm hoping for positive result. I may sound like an asshole - but if he is tested positive, he sure more assholeir than me.

"Pengacara TV ditangkap kerana positif dadah"
May 12, 07 8:22pm

Seorang pengacara terkenal rancangan TV siasatan polis ditahan di Johor Bahru semalam setelah ujian air kencingnya didapati positif dadah. Pengacara itu bersama beberapa orang rakannya ditangkap dalam satu serbuan polis di sebuah kelab malam di Jalan Abdullah Tahir.

Menurut laporan Bernama, seorang rakannya yang ditemui di luar ibu pejabat polis Johor Bahru Selatan berkata, pengacara itu berada di bandar itu untuk membuat penggambaran rancangan TV 360 Darjah terbitan NTV7.

Pengacara itu dibebaskan dengan jaminan polis tengah hari ini.

Ketua Polis Johor Datuk Hussin Ismail mengesahkan tangkapan itu.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Braveheart - The Great Cornholio War

This is my fourth youtube video production.

Braveheart war briefing scene twisted with Beavis and Butthead - The Great Cornholio rubbish.

Just enjoy the clip.

Have fun....

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Malay Movie : Waris Jari Hantu

Yes.... you hear me right. Newest Shuhaimi Baba malay horror film, WARIS JARI HANTU.

I'm not doing any review here, have not even screen on cinema yet. Judging from the trailer, it has something to do with some tiger spirit stuff.

Waris Jari Hantu? this is my interpretation of Waris Jaris Hantu...... well, Shuhaimi Baba is known for controversial movie tittle, remember Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam (Perfumed Night Bitch Vampire).... and now Waris Jaris Hantu (Middle Finger Heritage).

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Free Asian Movie and Anime

I'm sure many of us are heard of P2P File Sharing, IRC Download and Torrent. I personally been actively downloading via Ares (P2P), and sometime utorrent for torrent files.

For some reason I don't like torrent, it slowing down my pc, and ARES has been good to me, except not much good Asian Movie offered. Too many fake and bad quality movie files been distributed.

Now that we have faster broadband, video streaming becomes more practical.

Forget YouTube !! thought sometimes you may find decent movies broken into parts here but let me introduce you to......

More than 700 episode of animes.

I started with Bleach and just into episode 100, still bout 30 to go.

Each episode broken into 3 files, much more practical than 1 file per episode.


Another favourite of mine, offeres tonnes of Animes and Asian drama series and Movies. You'll get all horror movies here, thailand, korean, chinese... etc.

Just finish watching DORM..... creepy !!

Each episode in 1 files, but for movies, they broken it into 2-3 or 4 files.


Normally between 7pm to 3am. Next morning it back to normal. Basically bandwidth reset on daily basis.

--------------------word of advices "how to stream effectively"

Here firefox tab browsing helps.

Download 3 to 5 episodes simultaneously on individual tab, make sure it start streaming on all tabs / episodes. Leave your pc for 2-3 hours or overnite. Comeback later and make sure all tabs streaming completed. Start download for 2 more episodes (maybe open new firefox) while watching the episodes you stream last nite.

I did this and spend the whole weekend watching Bleach non stop. Most of the time you don't get smooth streaming like youtube. Doing the above ensure smooth watching without hic-cup.

Happy watching !!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Music Video : Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in Mohabbatein

This is first attempt as amateur music video production. Excuse my editing.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai soundtrack incorporated into Mohabbatein song scene (Humko Humise). These 2 are my favourite Bollywood movies.

I love Aiswarya Rai. By the way, me and Aisyu were born on the same day and year - 1 Nov 1975. We were faith together - until this farker called Abishek Bachan married her... recently.

Appreciate your comments - please rate here

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dato Najib Long Lost Twin Brother

Which is which ? Of course on the left is our TPM Dato Najib, and on the right is a bollywood actor, Anupam Kher. Kind a famous fellow, made his appearances in many box office movies, as supporting actor for sure. To name some, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai.

IRONICALLY ...... here's the best part. For the sake of those who did not watch Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, it was about a father (our bollywood najib above) disapproved of her daughter love love life with the hero (Hitrik). Cut long story short, the father involved in some bad politician shit and there one scene where he's using his authority to order 2 corrupted policemen to beat the hell out his rival (Anwar?). Our hero, his daughter lover saw the incident - so the corrupted policeman stick C4 in his ass and blow the shit of him, nah... sorry, they actully just beat the crap on him and dump him into the sea. He died. Yes.... for once in bollywood movie, hero died early in the movie.

Another hero appear and save the day. Corrupted policemen, all bad guys ere send to hell.

They live happily ever after.

Freebie : Excellent Audio/Video Converter

For those like me been searching high and low for a good audio video file converter, the searching is over. Yes, give your Google a rest for a while.

I've been searching, downloading and trying various freeware, shareware and commercialware, cracked ofcourse but none gave me results I always wanted.

Yes, they called it SUPER, with the C - copyright thingy... from Erighsoft.

The best part is, it is FREE !!!

You can convert youtube FLV file, also convert into 3gp of MP4 for your mobile, also into divx or xvid format.