Monday, December 24, 2007

World Fastest Scooter - Mat Rempit Wishlist

I am no kidding one, any Mat Rempit will sell all their possessions including their minah rempit and bulu ketiak to get their hand of this beast.

Presenting to all Mat Rempit .... droll on this shit ...

Gilera GP800 an 850cc V-twin-engined scooter crowned to be worlds fastest scooter

75 hp at 7,250 rpm
(SOHC) 4 valve, electronic injection
Die-cast aluminium alloy, 3.50x16”
Back Die-cast aluminium alloy, 4.50x15”

max speed ?

120 mph or 200 km/h

What u get at 200 km/h?

KL - Ipoh in 1 hour
Karak - Kuantan in 1 hour
Pick up new chick !! after sold old one for this bike
Pick up more chick
Fuck Traffic police !!

most priceless moment

painless death in 0.0001 second

Think I'm joking?

Read This

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I told him NOT to fart

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DEATH TOLL claim another 7 lives

Today in The Star Online, on an unrelated stories,

and there will be no hesitation in taking
stiffest action against irresponsible people...

This Pak Lah said one ... not me haaa....

IRONICALLY .... today


Dewan Rakyat 22 NOVEMBER 2004

Puan Fong Po Kuan [Batu Gajah] akan mencadangkan:- “Bahawa Dewan ini menggesa Kementerian Kerja Raya membentangkan laporan terperinci dan terkini berkenaan cadangan pemindahan Plaza Tol Jelapang di Dewan ini. Sejak tahun 1996, kemalangan berhampiran Plaza Tol Jelapang ini telah meragut tidak kurang daripada 15 nyawa dan berpuluh yang cedera dengan tragedi yang terbaru melibatkan sebuah bas ekspress di mana 4 orang terbunuh dan 25 orang tercedera. Statistik kemalangan yang berlaku di Plaza Tol Jelapang ini atau juga dikenali “plaza tol maut” semakin meningkat dan bahayanya kepada pengguna adalah harus di pandang serius. Cadangan untuk memindahkan plaza tol Jelapang dan Plaza Tol Ipoh Selatan yang dikemukakan oleh Kementerian telah ditolak oleh Kabinet di atas sebab kosnya, RM 260 juta terlalu tinggi. Dewan ini harus membuat ketetapan bahawa keselamatan pengguna harus diberi keutamaan oleh Kerajaan dan tindakan segera harus diambil bagi memindahkan Plaza Tol Jelapang ini dengan mengekalkan jalan bebas tol yang sedia ada”.

People say too much death at Toll Jelapang over the past years make the place haunted. The place is possessed and infested with angry spirits.

There were rumors that goes around saying there is only one priest strong enough to perform spirit cleansing and put all miserable spirits at rest.

This holyman is known as $AMI VALUE


the pengerasnya would be RM280 millions tax payers hard earn money.


RM280 millions is too much money, not worth of people's live, it better off spend on next general election.

7 lives are nothing especially when it belong to WANITA UMNO whom swore their whole life to BN.


Some point to ponder....

To relocate Jelapang Toll cost RM280 millions.

check this out.... remember hundred RM screw driver?


Cadangan Merekabentuk, Membina dan Menyiapkan 41 unit Rumah Link Satu Tingkat Termasuk Infrastruktur Dalaman di Seksyen 5 Bandar Baru Bangi Secara Turnkey Untuk Tetuan Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor

Cadangan Merekabentuk, Membina dan Menyiapkan Rumah Pangsa 5 Tingkat Kos Sederhana Rendah termasuk infrastruktur di Seksyen 5, Bandar Baru Bangi Untuk Tetuan Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor

Client:S.P.L.E.M Sdn. Bhd.
Total Cost Value:60 million
Status:Design completed on 1996

60 million for 41 unit single storey link and five storey flat.


280 million toll gate relocation


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dororo : 2007 Worth watching movie repeatly 10x

If you like


and SAMURAI-X'll enjoy this movie very much.

Main Characters :

A young samurai dude resembling Himura Kenshin both physical appearance and samurai skilled. Ironically after a fight with his father, he received a "X" scar on forehead similar to one Kenshin had on his cheek. While he was portrayed as skill samurai as Kenshin, he is in fact immortal, or at least until he got back his heart. Immortality and body regenerating ability remind us to Inuyasha.

In fact Hyakkimaru carries a superatural sword made to vanish demon. Mmmnnn.... Inuyasha supernatural sword called Tetsusaiga and Kenshin "Sakabato" Reverse-blade sword.

"Behind every great man is a great woman"

Hyakkimaru ... Dororo a tomboy thief with own dark history.

Inuyasha ... Kagome a future reincarnation of Kikyo, Inuyasha late sweetheart.

Kenshin ... Kamiya Kaoru a kendo champ inherited Kendo school from late father.

Bad Guys

Kagemitsu Daigo ... a warlord, a bad father, a wife killer

Demons ... spide'dmon, eagle'dmon, wolf'dmon, butterfly'dmon, maggot'dmon, tree'dmon, and many other CGI demon.

By the way this ain't Hollywood, so don't put high hope on CGI.

Plot Summary....
source :
In the Sengoku era, Kagemitsu Daigo, a power hungry warlord makes a deal for with a group of demons: reign over the known world in exchange for the 48 body parts of his unborn son.

In full accordance with the agreement, the son is born an empty canvas, no arms, legs, eyes, or even facial features — just an empty husk infused with life.

Abandoned for dead, the young boy is found by an old man and master prostheticist, who build him an artificial body and nurtures him to health. Flash forward twenty years.

The young husk has grown to a man. Now known as Hyakkimaru (Satoshi Tsumabuki, Tokyo Drift’s “Exceedingly Handsome Man”), he ventures the land wielding a supernatural blade (cleverly concealed in his left arm), killing demons in order to recover his lost body parts. Along his journey he is joined by a brash and bubbly pickpocket (Kou Shibasaki, Japan Sinks) who dubs herself Dororo (an infant ghost without form).


Movie ended with another 24 demons to be slaved. The adventure continues on next trilogy Dororo 2 & 3.

You can watch DORORO 1 here.... english sub

This is a must see movie. I'm getting the DVD soon. Read review from the same link above.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ubuntu 10.01 TRI-S´O


a.k.a Three-AssHole

^anus for human beings^

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Yes ... you read that right. The company I'm working with decided to give away RM5.00 buta-buta to first 1000 Malaysian (BERSIH ka.. HINDRAF ka.. NYONYA ka.. as long as got legal Malaysian IC) all sumua bangsa entitled.

That pisses me off... there goes my yearly bonus.... RM5000 !! makan roti loh....

How to claim that RM5.... please don't walk to my office and ask from me. I kick your ass...

Must follow procedures.....

1) Go to this WEBCASH site. REGISTER yourself with valid info. Then validate your email ... then within 24 hours or next working day.... early early morning before minum kopi I will send you RM5.oo coupon pin and serial number. The log in to your Webcash account and reload reload reload reload !!!!!

WHAT IS WEBCASH ...........? MLM ???? HYIP ??? CEPAT KAYA ???

  • This WEBCASH online e-money account approved by Bank Negara, not cincai one.
  • FREE registration .... tak ada obligation .... no need pay any fee like blardy pos malaysia one.
  • Then we free free give you guys RM5 reload coupon.... no interrogation one.
  • Suka suka hati you can reload the RM5 before March next year. Can buy mandarin limau 1 kilo.
  • Add few more RM you can buy prepaid handphone top up to call your ah beng and ah lian.
  • Use WEBCASH for life without yearly fee like stupid credit card company.
  • No transaction fee.... you buy RM20 item.. you pay RM20.... no more sometime got less.
  • Can transfer credit to your pisau cukur girlfrend on ask from your sugar daddy to tranfer money to you.
  • Tarak puas hati... kasi close account or go fly kite and disappear. No one will go blardy sue and cari you into lubang cacing.



WHO SAYS they give you the WIDEST COVERAGE? ...... from down under

WHO SAYS they give you the BEST RATES? ....... 18 SX Rated

Source : The Dude "Hornyman" of Kommies

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Webcash Virtual Account?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Singaporah Halal Pork

Singaporah Boleh !!

Melayu ka... Cina ka... India ka... sumua sama.... Singaporah Bodoh !

Monday, October 8, 2007

Evolution of Man

Evolution of Man

where are you now?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

PhotoHunt 78 : Curvy

Sorry guys, this week my entry sort of late. My notebook mess up pretty well, first my keyboard key "N", "B", Del and Caplock, eventually gave up on me. I bought a new external keyboard but it is not portable enough, until I came across a freeware "keytweak" a small program which allow me to relocate all key function to another key. It a temporary solution till I have enough $$$ for new notebook keyboard.

Problem doesn't end there, a stupid Hidrag virus infected all my .exe files. Other anti virus failed to detect it. AVG detect but can't clean it. Only after third removal tools I managed to clean it. Phews.....

Back to CURVY, here are my entries....

The dark wizard started of with a lunar curve.....


by now he's about to complete a circle which will open
a dark portal to the other side.

Dark Portal

The following photo was not my masterpiece but I cant resist to show of our new happening shopping complexes coz when I first saw the Theme for this week, this image keep on popping in my head. Maybe I need pop-up blocker installed in my head.




Thursday, October 4, 2007

Evil Atheist Conspiracy #1

There was a young atheist graduated from Cambridge University met a religious scholar….

Atheist : Who are you? So clever leh..... you think you can answer my Questions eh?

Scholar : I am one of God slaves and God Willing, I will be able to answer your Questions.

Atheist : Sure or not? Very difficult one, a lot of Professors also cannot answer my questions.

Scholar : I will try my best, with the help of God.

Atheist : Listen aaaa , I have 3 Questions !! (Arrogantly)

Atheist : Muahaaahaaahaaa ! so clever lu answer my questions now...

Suddenly ...............................

Scholar : Piaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!

Atheist : WTF ! Why suddenly you angry with me?

Scholar : I am not angry. The slap is my answer to your questions.

Atheist : I really don’t understand. Joking or what? Not funny leh....

Scholar : How do you feel after I slapped you?

Atheist : Of course, I felt pain you idiot. Wanna some?

Scholar : So do you believe that pain exists?

Atheist : Yes.

Scholar : Show me the shape of the pain!

Atheist : eeerrrr..................................I cannot.

Scholar : That is my first answer. All of us feel God’s existence without being able to see His shape…Last night, did you dream that you will be slapped by me?

Atheist : No.

Scholar : Did you ever think that you will get a slap from me today?

Atheist : No.

Scholar : That is "fate" my second answer…my hand that I used to slap you, what is it created from?

Atheist : Flesh loh.

Scholar : How about your face, what is it created from?

Atheist : Flesh.

Scholar : How do you feel after I slapped you?

Atheist : Pain-freaking-full

Scholar : That’s it. This is my third answer, even though Devil and also the hell were created from the fire, if God wants, the hell will become a very painful place for Devil.

Monday, October 1, 2007

My Desktop Free View

I've been by a snowberry @ Jessica on DESKTOP MEME.


"Soul Transmitter"

Obviously, I like BLUE. Not only blue, I also like BLACK and PURPLE. Running on Window XP, I'm stuck to a standard layout. However, thanks to StyleXP, my desktop now more vibrant and more hyperechoextremachoistic* than usual.

hyperechoextremachoistic* is old transcripts mean
Hyper Erectile Echo Extreme Machoism Realistic

My desktop theme is called Soul Transmitter for a reason. Soul Transmitter is a device use to transmit soul in and out of a body during birth and death. It represent life. Souls are transmitted between Soul Society and real world through the "Valley of Scream" and this device stabilized the two worlds when it connected, avoiding catastrophic which may demolish both worlds.

Now you know me secret. It is about time for me to choose 5 pathetic souls to transmit and continue my quest.......

click on the picture to transmit you soul to their world.

Kah Peng - Millymin - Andulu - Pinksterz - Stephanie

My dearest tagee's .... u have been tagged at random, now you are responsible to tag another 5 fresh souls. This task must be completed before next full moon, or you'll be terminated.


My Desktop Free View Instruction:

  1. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun.
  2. You can do a screen capture by:
    1. Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).
    2. Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).
    3. If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.
  3. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that.
  4. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.
  5. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants.
  6. List of those who participated in the tag and place your link below:


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bleach Movie 2007 : Memories of Nobody


Movie time frame set right after Rukia's big rescue mission. Some weird looking spirits appear in Karakura town which later identified as "blanks" , soul without memory. While Ichigo and Rukia puzzled with the phenomenon, they came across Senna, an unknown Shinigami.

While Rukia went back to Soul Society for answer, Ichigo had to baby sit Senna and and later become attached to her. Ichigo made promised to protect her at any cost. At the same time, Ichigo went to get more informations with Uruhara .

While in Soul Society, a reflected image of real world can be seen from the ground. Between Soul Society world, and real world, exist a gap connecting the two world, known as "Valley of Scream". Apparently any soul get lost in the valley will be stripped of their memories and turn them into Blanks soul.

Apparently Valley of Scream expanded beyond normal.

Here is the interesting part. All the memories from Blanks, eventually joined and formed into a single being/soul known as "Memory of Rosary". Four years ago, this soul/being somehow exited to real world through a portal, since she possess shinigami abilities belong to someone who was lost in the Valley of Screams, she possessed a school girl body known as Senna.

OK ... now we know who Senna is, let us talk about the bad guys. A group of exiled Shinigami known as "Dark Ones" absorbing energy from "Blanks", with hugh supplies of "Blanks", they are almost unstoppable. They have been searching for the "Memory of Rosary" @ Senna, to complete the expansion of Valley of Scream which eventually could bring destruction to both Soul Society and real world then they fuse together. The motive .... revenge.

Eventually, Senna is trap between Soul Society and Dark Ones. While Dark Ones decided to use Senna as Weapon of Destruction, Soul Society decided to eliminate "Memory of Rosary" for good.

Of course, as usual, our great hero Kurasagi Ichigo stand between Senna and the two big boys. During the commotion Senna was captured by Dark Ones.

Soul Society decided to use their use Kido Cannon to fire at the Valley of Scream, which will stop the expansion but leave both world in great but not total destruction. Kurasagi Ichigo decided to jumped into the Valley, while Rukia trying to get reinforcement from the Soul Society.

While Ichigo already in the valley,
Rukia and Renji joined him, followed by ice cool
Hitsugaya and sexy bodylicious Matsumoto.

At time Ichigo was alone fighting the Dark Ones, he was overpowered and about to lose, Kenpachi make a grand entrance with Yachiru as usual hanging on his neck. More shinigami captains and lieutenants join the fight. Byakuya make his own grand entrance saving Rukia.

Obviously they won and went back to real world. But it doesn't end there. Apparently the fusion does not stop there. Senna, using her power and control over Blanks, sacrifice herself to stabilized the Valley of Scream and this time really save the two worlds.

There is where the sad part begins.

Remember I mentioned Senna soul existed from collective of memories formed into a being. So actually Senna soul does not exist, never exist. Senna does not know this, she always thought she actually exist and she knows where her grave is. Apparently it was the memory of one of lost soul within her.

Rukia explained, since Senna does not really exist, everyone soon will eventually forget about her.

However, after closing credit, a scene shown Ichigo stumbled upon a school girl look like Senna, and her friend did call her Senna. So .... Senna is actually a living person.... but was possessed by "Memory of Rosary" spirit.

Thus, this story titled, MEMORIES OF NOBODY.