Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wakil Rakyat in Danger !!

Wakil Rakyat be alert : Your are now in tremendous freaking shit danger !!

People living in rural area should have realized by now, their kampung will remain forever undeveloped even after many decades under Barisan National or Barisan Alternative.

Does not matter what ever these politicians promised you during main election, it took forever for them to materialized it.

After Batu Talam - Machap and now Ijok, kampung people should have now realized their only hope for development and life improvement is by 'by-election'.

For this to happen, existing wakil rakyat either voluntarily step down and RIP - Rest In Peace. Not many place as lucky as Batu Talam -Machap and Ijok.

So all pakcik and makcik, uncle and untie, atok and nenek, if you are reading this and really hamsap for development and promises which never come fulfilled by those blood sucking politicians, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.....

As for Wakil Rakyat - it is time to get your lazy ass and start planning for all those promises you spitted out during election. Don't want to wait till the same people voted for you to put bullet in your forehead.