Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Easiest Way to Embed MP3

Easiest Way to Embed MP3
I've been searching for a simple code which I can embed a MP3 file without going thru mp3 player script writing or installation. Mind you - I'm not a programmer. I'm kinda copy and paste guy.

The most I can understand is HTML, above that PHP XML SQL - nah... I don't give a shit. My head jammed enough with debit credit shit.

Google gadget offered mp3 player but it doesn't play well with low quality mp3 (16 kbps - 11 mhz - mono) which is sufficient for mp3 embedding. Any higher was just a waste of loading time and bandwidth.

Well now... here it is.... download the code...... just cut and paste anywhere you like it to appear in your site. Don't forget to type in mp3 url. Not sure if it can play other sound format. Obviously you can change it size also...

Download this text file mp3player.txt

Sample how it look like...