Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ijok Story: I-JOKER from PKR

If you hate BN for their corruptions, corniisms, money laundering, and all kind of shit - for the same reason you should have not voted for Abdul Khalid.

For those who are blindly supporting Khalid PKR, please by all mean get to know him first - especially his background.

Do you actually think Khalid can bring good to Ijok?

Who is Khalid?

From government servant who earn honest monthly income, he turn millionaire by joining BN and became Anwar's barua during Anwar's glorious day. He make millions of ringgit by screwing up Guthrie and PNB acting like he own both giants.

He own a 3 storey castle in Bukit Damansara worth millions of dollar. He's been piggy riding Anwar's back from day one. When Anwar was expelled, he lost power and all immunities. Guthrie and PNB chased him away.

How it is time for Anwar to piggy ride Khalid - if Khalid win Ijok, Anwar stand big chances to stand out as BA leader. That explains PKR enthusiasm to put his people in Ijok.

The questions are, will Khalid served Ijok people, who will support him financially? his own pocket money? What is Khalid long term commitment to Ijok?

Rejecting BN means rejecting development for Ijok.