Friday, April 20, 2007

Story about my evil CAT

I have a cat, we call him CAT. This is one heck of special cat. We adopted his mother when she was a kitten. She gave birth to 3 kittens, one died hours later. A big ugly wild local black cat was the father.

Mother left home for good last year leaving CAT and his sister home. Sister was one hot chick.... err... pussycat doll. She left home after gave birth to 2 young kittens. One was kidnapped by freaking gay neighbor and one died weeks later.

Losing a mother, sister, and 2 nieces was too much for CAT. His father keep harassing him and fighting for territories and foods.

He look depressed - like one in picture above. Thing getting worst after one scary incident. He was almost ran over by a 4x4, as I slowly drive into my porch. I felt like driving over a pillow and quickly stop my car as I heard cracking sound. I reversed back few step and to my horror I saw CAT ran into the bushes like a cripple cat.

I was so sure I will loose him. To my surprise he survive the night. He does look like one crazy cat, he can't walk properly, for weeks but he seem recovering himself. Now he's fully cured, but deep inside I think he's no longer the same CAT as we know.

Look at the eyes.He is now EVIL. Tak percaya ka?? look at these pictures. That my friends are evil eyes. Look the way he stares at you.

Even thought he's our family CAT, we don't really pamper him much. I feed him, but that's it. Everything else is his survival skills. Sometimes, he left us for days but eventually will return back home - maybe he went screwing other pussycat dolls.

This is my son. He has this one special unexplainable relationship with CAT. He's like a guardian angel to my son. When my son sick, CAT will lay down beside him.

CAT love to sleep beside my son. You must think my son is a cat lover, no he' not. He always bully CAT but for some reason CAT seems like to be bullied by my son.

Evil is always evil. Sometime, for no reason CAT will scratch my son.

I told you.... my cat is evil....look at the evil eyes again.

But I'm not worried. My kid can take care of himself. Did I mention my kid is a young wizard?

Tak percaya ka?

See evidence captured by me, my wizard son is opening a portal to WWW - Wizard Wide World.

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Jessica said...

Lol what a CUTE cat!!! My kitty is ebil too D:

He's taken over my room and made it his. I don't even bother rearranging it to my liking anymore cause he'll just redo it again XD