Saturday, April 21, 2007

Review : Final Fantasy XII

My first completed Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy X. I thought that was a freaking good game .... until I started playing FF XII...

Final Fantasy XII is a massive, multi-character adventure with the darkest and most mature storyline the FF series has yet seen.

Behind left to right;

Larsa - He's younger brother to Vayne (Bad-ass Final Boss). Non playable character but he join the good guy party as Guest. He carries tonnes of Hi-Potion for your party. Yes.. he's the good guy from the darkside.

Ashe - One sexy princess I wish to take home. Not my main player.

Basch - Captain of a fallen kingdom. One of my main player. I put him no 3 in rank and priority list.

Balthier - His malay name is Bakhtiar. Ok... be serious, he's a sky pirate, accompanied by Fran. I love this guy - he has personality and his voice ... very gentleman. I developed him into my second man.

Fran - I think this girl is cross-breed between human and rabbit. My theory is some Kupo had to much drink and start screwing up female hume (word for human). By the way, kupo is somekind of species look like rabbit.

This is a kupo.

Front Left to Right

Vaan - Main character, an orphan, young adventurer and obsess sky-pirate wanna be. My no 1 character.

Penelo - Vaan's friends, or girlfriend maybe. Very irrelevant, unimportant. Ashe way hotter than Penelo despite her being name like Penalope Cruz.

Story Line 9/10 - less 1 point coz Yuna way hotter than Ashe

About 2 nations, Dalmasca Nation taken over by bad guy Archadian Empire. Adventure begin when Vaan met Balthier and Fran, than the queen, the bad guy, politics, power, monsters, and magical worlds.

This time, you have the whole world to explore, from desert, blizzard, sunshine coast, mystical forest until the most confusing great crystal.

Character Development 10/10

Some say character there's a flaw in character development. Vaan suppose to be main character but in the actual storyline, Balthier is the one. Indeed Balthier play leading role in the adventure and Lady Ashe play as very important character - as Queen of Dalmasca.

I also thought the same, until I read this in wikipedia.

"The story is told through the eyes of Vaan, an orphan who wishes to be a sky pirate - high flying tomb raiders."

In another words, typical RPG game let you play as first person view, now you are playing as 3rd person view. Which I think is clever because you can now concentrate on the main character and the storyline rather than the person you are role-playing as.

Battle System 10/10

New battle system is awesome - period. No longer have wasted few second for scattered screen. Real time battle and gambit system. Get you party to high level, equip with proper Gambit and have all spell in hand - you can battle without touching your controller - Gambit rulez.

New battle system more realistic - no more taking turn. Curing has never been fun like now.

Gameplay 9/10

Great, finish 2/3 of game without looking at guideline. Of course toward the end have to.

My Status

Vaan Level 73 - Excalibur (Attack 128) with Holy Damage
Balthier Level 65 - Golden Axe (Attack 110)
Basch Level 65 - Ragnarok (Attack 109) with Immobilize
Others - low level

Completed storyline - beaten final boss
Completed 43 hunts
Few side quest

108 game hours

3 opinion, wanna say something?:

The Great Swifty said...

I completed it a couple of days ago myself. Spent 150 hours on it. Characters were all level 89-90. Finished all hunts, including the insane Yiazmat fight (dude has 40 million hp...).

Yeah, I think this is one hell of a game. Gameplay-wise, not story nor characterization-wise, this might be the best FF ever (and this comes from a guy who had been playing FF since he was 10. I started with FF6, though). I spent only 80hrs on FF10. Less than 60hrs in all previous FFs.

Haha, I think Ashe's much hotter than Yuna. Maybe because my view of Yuna is forever tainted by the fact that she had such horrible tastes in men. Can't agree that Baltier's the main guy though. He's just a scene-stealing rogue like Han Solo. Vaan's the protagonist, but not necessarily the 'hero' of the story, Ashe is more like the usual 'hero/leader character' to me.

Actually, those kupos are really moogles. Kupos are just the sound they make when they talk.

And yeah, Penelo's nothing compared to the other female characters, Haahaha!

Kucing Mafia said...

Nice to see someone who are true FF fan like you. Now that you mentioned it, I do feel there's some correllations between FFXII and Star Wars.

Balthier - Hans Solo
Fran - Chewie
Empire - Emperor
Princess Ashe - Princess Leia
Larsa - Luke

By the way thanks for pointing out moogle thing. Was there moogles in FFX? First saw them in FF Tactic Advance for GBA.

The Great Swifty said...

The only moogle appearance I can think of in FFX was as Lulu's stuffed doll. But they look pretty different in other FF games (beside FF12 and FFTA) More like cats, less like rabbits.

You can check them out here.