Thursday, April 26, 2007

Low Virtual Memory

What is virtual memory? Virtual Memory is memory simulated by your hard disk when all your RAM fully used. This happen when you open many programs simultaneously or when you let any program running for long time.

I used to get low virtual memory warning message, caused by S24EvMon.exe, this is event monitor program running in the background scanning for hotspot. Having it run all the time, and I hardly shutdown notebook (only hibernate), virtual memory used build up over time.

I started to get low memory resources error messages when it hit 200k VM size for that process. Recently I found a way to increase virtual memory and now with S24EvMon using 500k and firefox using 166k, my notebook still smooths.

Having 500+ mb RAM I re-set my virtual memory max to 800k.

To find out how just Google "How To Increase Virtual Memory"