Thursday, August 23, 2007

MacD Breakfast at 4?


Yees.... that was my first impression when I first heard about it.

Why would anyone sacrifice the best hours of sleeping for a lousy expensive breakfast and you had to drive out.

Any delivery? I don't know, but if they are, knowing MacD standard (Uptown Damansara Branch) it take an hour to reach you even you were on next door office, by then your breakfast I just another hard and cold .......

But then why? Why would Ronald Macdonald invest in man hour and advertising cost for a lousy business strategy? At 4am I would rather be at midnite mamak stall in Bangsar having nice hot Lick-Mi-Co-Tea and Roti Canai Pisang.

It was a big mystery until somebody accidentally captured the following photo behind one of MacDonald branch offering 4am breakfast.

Well..... hope it did solved some missing person cases... photographer name remain anonymously for protection.