Friday, August 3, 2007

Cat Boiled Alive: Popular Asian Cuisine

Cat Boiled Alive: Popular Asian Cuisine

This is sick man ! So sick I refuse to paste any related photo here, u wanna see google image yourself.

Recently some restaurants in Guangdong, China, have been promoting a popular dish called “water boiled live cat”.

The way the restaurants kill the cats is very cruel and inhumane. One of the chefs even says “the more torture the cats receive, the better they taste.”

They use a bat and beat the cats until they pass out; then throw them into hot water and boil them alive, then de-skin and cook them again.

One restaurant in Pan Yu district, even has a cat “shelter” in their back yard.

Customers go out back and pick which cat they want to eat and the chef will beat the chosen cat half to dead and boil it alive. Not just wild cats end up on the dinner table, some high class cats like Persians will end up a meal as well.

The Menu offers the following choices and prices:

  • Cat meat¥10 ($1.25)/lb
  • Cat’s brain ¥30 ($3.5)/lb
  • Cat’s intestine ¥50 ($6.4)/lb

Lets just hope this is not another prelude to a SARS breakout like before.

You see, I'm not against people eating bizarre foods. Though some religion won't allow you eat certain type of meat, that is another issue. People may eat cat for that matter, why not? people have been eating chicken, cow, sheep, even rabbit and horse, so what make cat any different?

It is not the fact that they are eating cats, lots of cultures do (way gross!!!) what is the most disturbing is HOW they are PREPARING them that makes me want to puke.... bueekkkk !!


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spookygrace said...

wonder why they jus kill them straightly if they wanna eat it. But it is really disgusting, and customers even have their choice to pick which cats they want. (vomit)

I heard there is an eat-fish-alive in China too. the fish body has cooked but the fish head is still alive and still can move one. And those people who eating it still say VERY DELICIOUS. (tat's horrible)