Monday, July 9, 2007

ShoutOut Templates

Alooohaa !! Exactly a month ago I blog about this new locally made in Penang chat box called ShoutOut. I've been actively involved in what we called "Shouting" instead of typical internet jargon "Chatting". This is what set ShoutOut different from other chatter box.

1) We shout out loud - while others just chatting.
2) We are called "Shouters" - while others chatters.
3) We are ShoutOut family, while others are cyber friends. Todate we have strong 65 brothers and sisters, actively shouting out loud.

4) All Shouters family are pretty and handsome single and available except for me :(
5) ShoutOut programmers are still alive and we are kicking their butts for more features... he he. Credit goes to Lasker and Elise.
6) Recent update includes 'Whats Next' module .... a global events reminder and Username/Password registration so you can secure your username.

Last but not least....

7) Shoutout is safe for everyone - young age, teenagers, middle age, ice age, and Shouters family do not tolerate profanity, so your kids are safe here. We shoot perverter on first sight.

Download and Customise your own ShoutOut at


1) Theme : LOVE IS CINTA

Download Txt File - Copy and Paste In Your Bloggers Layout

2) Theme : SKY BLUES

Download Txt File - Copy and Paste In Your Bloggers Layout


Download Txt File - Copy and Paste In Your Bloggers Layout

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- PC - said...


CRIZ LAI said...

Again.. another good publicity for ShoutOut. Your marketing mode is 24/7 available?? Haha.. nicely done here. Welcome to the ShoutOut never grow tired with them :P

Kucing Mafia said...

Just tot about template last night and how much hell i went thru to get the right color. I got 3 blogs and dat mean 3 different schemes..

Anyway must support ur programmers loh...

I'm still waiting private chat features... will kick lasker and elise butt harder....