Friday, July 6, 2007

Malaysia Game Show

First, I'm not racist and I'm not trying to be one. Let us be professional and look at the following issues in different angle, and suggest as per why these scenario are happening.

Many years ago, we had "Tekaria", a very popular game show hosted by Ahmad Tarmimi Sariger. Then we had "Keluarga Bahagia Singer" - a family game show, than a 2 seasons "More Jutaria", first RM1 million for grand winner. First season no winner, 2nd season someone won the million ringgit, More (a cigarrate company) decided that, no more money for season 3.

It was then all in Bahasa Melayu, yet participation were from all races, no doubt majorities were Malays, considering the population ratio, this was not an issue.

As time passed by, Malaysian awareness toward the important of English rose up. More english program installed on TV and more gameshow, or widely known today as Reality Show were conveyed in either Malay, English or Mixture of both. Those were like, Akademi Fantasia, One In A Million, So You Know You Can Dance, Who Want .... aire ... etc, etc, etc.

But what I'm really PISS OFF is, when a show is conducted in languages any other than our official language or at least international official language, where it can be understand by majority of audiences. Yes... I'm talking about game show conducted in Chinese, such as Deal or No Deal.

Check out the following points.

  1. Deal or No Deal clearly off for non chinese speaking people, since very few non chinese can actually speak that language. Of course they are going to came out in English version later, but economically speaking - what de hell ? Are they going to bar chinese from participating in English version? Don't think so....
  2. Or was it because most chinese, especially those from chinese school background or from kampung don't understand English? How about kampung malays? How about estate mali indians? This is a step back in government effort in educating Malaysian citizen to learn English.... Furthermore, what is it so complicated to understand numbers in English? I'm telling you, even me also now buy stuff at apek shop will ask him 'mai ? or ho mai?'
  3. Or was it because major sponsor say so? I notice this idiotic ideas are played by Celcom and Digi. Not sure about Maxis thought... Celcom... come on la ... I thought Celcom is owned by Telekom Group, wasn't Telekom are infested by Malays? Or was it because the menteri telekomunikasi is a chinese himself. Digi - don't forget aaa... Indian are asking their version of Who Want To Be A Million Rupee'aire !!

Again, don't fire me coz I'm not a racist. But shit like this also you don't talk, they still smell. Chinese are making noise of government discriminating their communities. Please la, take a step back and reaccess the situation.

Stuff like "mandarin speaking only" job ads does hurt many of your malay and indian friends, some may even be your childhood good friends. It just that when we grew up we forget.... we forget the kind of beautiful friendship we used to have, until we grow and exposed ourself to a most dangerous radiation called politics.

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Aaron Chua said...

It was all okay until that sh*t pic. XD